Red Sox Fan’s Home Vandalized By “Yankes” Fan

If you think you had a bad day today, please hear the story of the day Raleigh, NC resident Sean Bunn had on Tuesday. Bad enough that the “governor” of the Red Sox Nation in North Carolina had to watch his beloved team get killed 13-4 by the Rays at an event he organized. But the paled in comparison to what the CHARLOTTE NEWS OBSERVER says he found on returning home: his condo had been vandalized by a Yankees fan. (Also, his last name is “Bunn,” which probably made every day in junior high a bad day.)

Vandalized by Yankees fan

Antique furniture, the walls, televisions, basically anything possible, the Yankee fan (or fans) spray painted with the Yankees logo and pinstripes. They even managed to spray paint Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter’s uniform numbers on the back of Bunn’s dress shirts. (To Bunn’s credit, he’s thinking about auctioning off the shirts for The Jimmy Fund.)

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Our Demise Is Being Brought To You By Nutella

The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports that this week vandals threw black paint bombs onto a poster memorializing Manchester United players who died in a 1958 plane crash.

Manchester United Memorial Vandalized

The mural, which is on the side of Old Trafford, the home stadium for Man Utd, also features the logo of insurance corporation AIG, which is one of the sponsors of the club.

Not all in Manchester and throughout the UK are as appalled as you might be lead to believe. The AP reports “AIG’s presence on the tribute commemorating the Munich victims has enraged some United fans since it was erected last week.

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