Former HS Hoops Star Arrested For Being Hitman

I’ve lost touch with some of my high school basketball teammates, but I’m pretty sure that none of them are up to what Aleksander Radjenovic has been doing the last few years. Radjenovic was a standout hoopster at Burnaby South secondary school in Vancouver, B.C., after moving there from the former Yugoslavia as a teenager. He spoke at the time to the local newspapers about his dreams of earning a scholarship and playing in college.

Aleksander Radjenovic

(Radjenovic in better days. He’s front and center, if you couldn’t tell)

Well, that didn’t materialize so, logically, he decided it would be a great idea to get into the crime industry. First, it was gun trafficking. Now, he’s moved on to becoming a full-fledged hitman and police say that his arrest likely has saved the lives of three men Radjenovic was planning to kill. Dude, when your coach told you that you needed to become more of an assassin, that was a figure of speech.

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MMA: No Go In Vancouver, Yes Go In Texas HS?

If you think of two cities in North America, it’s hard to imagine two more dissimilar locales than Vancouver and Dallas. Sure, there are more geographically removed examples, but Wasilla and Miami aren’t so dissimilar; they both love the living hell out of a particular drug (meth and cocaine, respectively). But while Vancouver is like Valhalla for potheads, hippies, and the poor of hygiene (redundant, we know), Dallas is Texas to the core, where they’d look at Hank Hill as “dangerously liberal.”

Massive blood MMA
(Just think: in Dallas, this could be your son!)

That disparity in attitudes is probably best demonstrated by each’s approach to MMA, which is an acronym that somehow stands for “legally beating the living Christ out of someone for fun and money.” In Vancouver, they held five events and said “no no, that’ll be all, hockey back bacon Rick Moranis snow.” In Dallas, however, not only is it sanctioned, but it’s apparently an effective disciplinary tool for administrators of local high schools. Oh, this can’t end well. Read more…

Vancouver Columnist: NBA Is “Ghetto Garbage”

Just when you thought society in general was turning the page on institutionalized racism, a prominent member of the Canadian media goes and delivers a cliched racist rant against the NBA.

sharif abdur-rahim grizzlies

(Maybe it’s good Sharif Abdur-Rahim got out when he did.)

The aforementioned “media member” is VANCOUVER COURIER columnist Mark Hasiuk, who may or may not still be hung up on the departure of the Grizzlies and the utter debacle that was “Big Country” Reeves. Regardless of his motivation, Hasiuk’s comments about the world’s top professional basketball league are nothing short of inflammatory racist rhetoric, despite Hasiuk taking the slightly unique tact of not blaming hip-hop. The best line? Brace yourself:

” … considering basketball’s influence on black popular culture, the NBA has a responsibility to produce a “positive” product, not the ghetto garbage we see today.”

Well, there’s even more proof of Hasiuk’s limited editorial and argumentative skills after the jump.

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Streaker Upstages David Beckham Vancouver Exhibition Game

BECKHAM LEAVES (STREAK) MARK NORTH OF THE BORDER: Now that the MLS season is over for the Los Angeles Galaxy (at least that’s what we hear), it makes perfect sense for David Beckham to play on a gimpy knee and ankle in an exhibition on artificial turf against sub-standard opposition.

Streaker At Beckham Game

That was the case last night in Vancouver. And we’re happy to report that somehow, by the grace of god, Becks wasn’t injured (again)! And from the most noteworthy photos and video from the game, it’s also heartening to note that he finally made his (streak) mark north of the border.

David Beckham has truly been a blessing to those of us in SoCal this summer, and it’s about time we shared the wealth with our toque-wearing continental brethren.

Swiss Chalet

And after this profound gesture of goodwill from the L.A. Galaxy, perhaps we will finally realize our first SoCal Swiss Chalet franchise (oh how our hearts ache for poutine).