Jackson Snubs Jeanie Buss On Valentine’s Day

PHIL JACKSON BUSTED FOR JEANIE’S V-DAY SNUB: It’s been a difficult week for Phil Jackson.

The Lakers coach is being forced to endure the longest losing streak (five games) of his tenure in Los Angeles after embarrassing home losses to also-rans New York and Cleveland.

And now Jackson’s longtime girlfriend Jeanie Buss, who is also the daughter of Lakers Owner Jerry Buss, has extended Jackson’s loser streak - revealing on radio this week that he did nothing for her on Valentine’s Day.

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Thursday Jeanie was asked on-air by Sporting News Radio host Dave Smithdid he (Phil Jackson) shower you with gifts and affection?” during the calendar’s most romantic 24 hours.Buss’ response? Negatory: “No, he’s completely focused on trying to get this team out of the mini-slump that they’re in.

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(click for audio evidence of Buss V-Day snub)

Most girls might be disappointed, but I prefer that he focus on the team right now (pause) … who cares about Valentine’s Day?”Having already dropped two terrible losses at Staples Center this week, Jackson might be on the verge of his biggest home loss yet - if he doesn’t soon switch from film- to social study.