How To Woo Erin Andrews On Valentine’s Day

Listen up, gentlemen. If you weren’t aware of it already, this Saturday is Valentine’s Day. You know, the day that Hallmark invented to blackmail you into buying your girlfriend/wife/mistress/stalkee a gift, or risk not getting any for a few weeks? I just thought I’d warn you in case you’d completely forgotten about it so you still have time to go buy some crappy heart-shaped box of candy. Of course, if you’re single, Valentine’s Day could be a wonderful thing.

There aren’t many days during the year that make a single woman more depressed than Valentine’s Day. She looks around and realizes she has nobody, and begins to feel lonely, and as a result lowers her standards enough that even you, yes *you*, stand a shot at getting with her. Even someone as unattainable as Playboy’s Sexiest Sportscaster Erin Andrews is a legitimate target for you on Valentine’s Day, and lucky for you, she’s giving out pointers on how to get her.

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V-Day Proposal That Goes Terribly Right (For Us)

Some fun at the Houston Rockets game last week on Valentine’s Day:

If our prospective husband’s hair was that product-impaired, we’d have done the same thing.UPDATE: OK, we’re now wagering the above proposal was a fake. As noted at, this looks astonishingly similar (girl tearing off into the distance):

And MUSEUM OF HOAXES documents another fake.

We get the feeling this is starting to become an inside joke in team’s marketing offices around the NBA.

SbB Recipe For A Delightfully Romantic Valentines

Since the last 24 hours in Vegas Playboy Club has had us a little distracted, we’re behind on our Valentine’s Day gifts. Thank goodness Apryl at PEOPLE JAM is here to help us out with last-second, sports-themed suggestions for the big day! She has five stone-cold, lead-pipe locks to make today a poignant, romantic one for your partner.

Merlin Olsen

Our favorite: “For the collector: For example, I went on Ebay and got an avid Los Angeles Rams fan a Merlin Olsen trading card. Get a piece of their favorite team’s history. Be creative!

Ourselves, we had to pass on that one, since last year we gave our significant other a signed Ray Malavasi martini glass. But with all you L.A. NFL fans alive and well (sorry, Georgia), we wanted to help make your V-Day Ram-tastic!

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