Pics: Ex-UTEP Baller Claudia Lampe Goes Topless

We’ve long admired Claudia Lampe Porras, the former UTEP basketball player who also happens to be a Bolivian model and celebrity.

Claudia Lampe Porras Bolivian UTEP basketball player Topless Photo

Since leaving UTEP, she’s back in the modeling biz, with these her latest shots from a fashion show in Bolivia two weeks ago.

Claudia Lampe Porras Bolivian UTEP basketball player Topless Photo

I’ve obtained a new cache of previously unseen photos of Lampe (her modeling name), which include a couple topless photos.

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Official: Claudia Lampe Hottest Female Baller Ever

Here’s some new full-size(!) photos of former UTEP basketball player Claudia Lampe Porras you haven’t seen. We’ve debated if she’s the hottest female hoops player of all time, and these new, full-size shots of her, in my opinion, confirm that.

Claudia Lampe Porras Bolivian UTEP basketball player

Having covered women’s college hoops in the SEC for a few years, I recognize that there are probably some obscure players out there who could match her. But if those persons don’t have a high enough profile on the court for me to be aware of them, then they don’t merit consideration. (That said, send me shots of those players if you know of any in Claudia’s league.)

Claudia Lampe Porras Bolivian UTEP basketball player

After taking a hiatus from modeling for her hoops career at UTEP and as a pro briefly Denmark, I’m happy to report that Claudia is back where she belongs: on the runway in Bolivia. Read more…

Circle K Run Turns Into Jail Time For UTEP Players

Apparently, there aren’t any Best Buys in El Paso, TX. I’m saying that because it appears that if you need to buy stereo equipment there, you just wait around at the local convenience store and wait for someone to come up to you with a deal. (Think of it like Craigslist, but with Slushies and day-old hot dogs.) And if you want to steal some stereo equipment, you can allegedly just chill out by the frozen snack section, enjoy a Choco Taco and wait.

Bike stereo system

(I hope the stereo system was a little more hi-fi than this.)

The EL PASO TIMES says two UTEP football players did just that on Monday, allegedly assaulting a man who had approached them at a Circle K with an offer to sell them a home entertainment system. The really strange part is that the alleged victim is a salesman for a local electronics store, which makes it even more curious that he was approaching people at the Circle K about his latest deal. Don’t the have, you know, a store where they can sell people stereos?

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College Hoop Refs Suspended Over Blown Calls

2008 was full of controversies involving game officials - whether it was Ed Hochuli’s infamous mishandling of Jay Cutler’s fumble in the first Broncos vs. Chargers game, or SEC official Wilbur Hackett, Jr. taking out South Carolina’s QB. Unfortunately, it looks like a trio of West Coast Conference basketball referees are already blowing their New Year’s Resolution of “we will not blow any calls that cost teams games.”

UTEP guard Randy Culpepper

The EL PASO TIMES reports that the WCC has suspended a men’s basketball crew for the opening game of conference play after making a series of errors in Santa Clara’s 89-88 OT victory over UTEP in the championship game of the Cable Car Classic. (Do they really have cable cars in Santa Clara - I thought that was in San Francisco?) Technically,  Thomas Wood, Bruce Hicks and Alan Pierce were suspended for allowing an illegal substitution, but according to UTEP AD Bob Stull, there were a number of problems:

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Speed Read: Bearcats Go Bust In Their BCS Debut

It started so well for Cincinnati in the Orange Bowl against Virginia Tech. On their first drive of their first-ever BCS bowl game, they marched down the field and scored a touchdown thanks to a pair of big receptions by TE Mardy Gilyard. It was an instant 7-0 lead and a sign to anyone switching over from the dog that was the Rose Bowl that this game could be good.

Cincinnati QB Tony Pike after throwing another INT against the Hokies

And then…pfft. Cincinnati spent the rest of the game playing like a team that was scared to death of being on the big stage. Meanwhile, the Hokies were being the Hokies - physical,  methodical, boring - and just doing enough to salt the game away. The end result? A 20-7 Virginia Tech victory that was moderately more fun to watch than the Sun Bowl. (Hey, at least El Paso had The Village People!)

Meanwhile, in Japan…well, it’s your usual assortment of weirdness from the world of K-1. Specifically, their latest fight card was headlined by Bob Sapp, who combines the physique of Butterbean with the MMA fighting skills of Kimbo Slice into one freak show package that the Japanese can’t get enough of even if no one in the US cares. (Sort of like Cheap Trick.)

Bob Sapp versus a cartoon character

His latest opponent? Um, some guy in a wrestling mask that Sapp outweighed by 140 pounds. And oh yeah, the guy he fought was based on a cartoon character named Kinnikuman. Basically, it’s like if Brock Lesnar fought against the actual Captain Crunch. No, I don’t get it either, but I don’t get most Japanese things (Shonen Knife, sushi, Bobby Valentine). CAGE WRITER has analysis of the card and video of the Sapp/Fictional Character match:

Here’s what else was happening while you were breaking some to all of your New Year’s Resolutions:

  • Bad news for Florida Gator fans: AWFUL ANNOUNCING says that according to Fox, Tim Tebow has apparently decided to transfer to Cincinnati. And play right tackle. And convert to Islam. Either that, or the graphics department at Fox is a mess.
  • Tim Tebow playing for Cincinnati

  • UTEP back-up QB Jeken Frye was attacked on New Year’s Eve by a group of known gang members who came to the house he was at armed with crowbars and metal water meter covers. Not to make light of a serious situation, but honestly - metal water meter covers?
  • The roof of the Ora L. Wildermuth Intramural Center at Indiana was damaged by careless welders (wasn’t that a Wham song?), according to the AP. It’s named after the former school president from the 1930s and 1940s who favored strict segregation. Chuck D. says to let the sucker burn.
  • In case you missed it (and frankly, I can’t imagine that you did), video has finally been posted of David Hasselhoff’s triumphant National Anthem performance at the Las Vegas Bowl. And you know what? He’s not quite Marvin Gaye, but it wasn’t a Carl Lewis-style meltdown, either.
  • CAGE WRITER has another UFC fighter doing a Rampage Jackson impersonation: Josh Neer was arrested after leading Iowa police on a lengthy, high-speed car chase. Yeah, but it wasn’t a monster truck, and he sure didn’t have his picture on the side of his car.
  • The CINCINNATI ENQUIRER has word of a girls high school basketball player who is suing her school because she was injured while scrimmaging against men. But the good news is that the way her shoulder separated was very fundamentally sound.
  • Eastern Washington head basketball coach Kent Earlywine missed out on coaching his team against Boise State on Monday, according the SPOKANE SPOKESMAN-REVIEW, because he had been popped for a DUI that weekend. But he was able to watch the game online. I guess he had his “wine” a little too “early,” huh? (Insert rimshot here.)
  • The MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE says Minnesota Golden Gophers head hockey coach Don Lucia is suffering from an “undisclosed illness” and might miss his first-ever game in 22 years of coaching the team when they take on Brown tonight. I once went a whole three weeks at my old job between missing time with an “undisclosed illness,” otherwise known as being hungover.
  • The SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE debunks the latest Manny Ramirez rumors, saying “it would be a mistake to put too much stock” into rumors that have the slugger coming to the Giants next season. Still, if you think Dodgers fans hated Barry Bonds
  • Don Larsen might have pitched the only perfect game in World Series history, but the SEATTLE TIMES says his flight from Idaho to New York to tape a segment for the new MLB Network was a perfect mess, turning a 60-hour trip into six days of travel hell.

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Blogz: Heather Mitts Completes Eagles’ Great Day

• THE 700 LEVEL flies over news that Sunday was a great day for Eagles fans - not only did their team run roughshod over the Rams, but the Linc crowd was treated to a halftime appearance by Heather Mitts.

Heather Mitts Eagles halftime

• It wasn’t just UTEP fans gripped in groinal adventures Saturday night, as THE SLANCH REPORT finds footage of a Miners player on the sideline taking a pigskin to the privates, courtesy of the team’s long snapper.

Mark Gokavi of the DAYTON DAILY NEWS spells out some fun anagrams of NFL teams. Can’t wait for next Sunday night’s matchup between the Tightest Beer Slurps & the Never Bald Clowns!

• Even when she’s skipping out on the U.S. Open, SASSYBELLA learns that Maria Sharapova can still bring in the endorsement deals - this time for Cole Haan clothing.

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Miners Fan Caught Digging In Boyfriend’s Pants

The city of El Paso was certainly excited Saturday night, as the big, bad Texas Longhorns came to town to face the hometown UTEP Miners. Despite a competitive game early on, Mack Brown’s boys eventually mauled Mike Price’s players 42-13. (Not that surprising, since this is the same UTEP squad that was squashed by MAC member Buffalo the week before.)

UTEP Miners fan groin grab

Still, the loss couldn’t dampen the excitement of El Pasoans, as a record 53,415 fans jammed into the Sun Bowl for Saturday’s showdown. And for those fans who couldn’t get a stadium seat, a nearby mountain provided a perfect spot to watch.

But even as the Longhorns pulled away, one mountainside couple managed to stay excited. And ESPN’s cameras were there to catch the action:

(Video after the jump.)

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Bolivian Bombshell Baller Claudia Porras’ Birthday!

I couldn’t let this day pass without wishing Bolivian bombshell baller Claudia Porras Happy Birthday.

Claudia Porras Photos

Claudia, a basketball player at UTEP, turned 24 today as she winters in her native Bolivia. And on such an occcasion, SbB is here bearing gifts (new pics after the jump). Read more…

Claudia Porras: Newest Bikini Pics Of B-Ball Babe

We’re happy with all the success Claudia Porras achieved with the UTEP women’s basketball team this season - a Conference USA regular season championship, an undefeated conference slate, and advancing to the second round of the NCAA tournament.

Claudia Porras basketball gown

But what makes us more proud is bouncing up some new photos of Claudia, further presenting Porras as the model player she still is. More magical pics of the Bolivian b-ball bikini beauty after the jump.

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One More Chance To See Claudia Porras In Action

Tonight, the Stanford Cardinal take on the UTEP Miners in the second round of the NCAA Women’s Tournament. Tip-off is scheduled for 10:30 p.m. ET and will be shown on ESPN2.

Claudia Porras UTEP basketball model

More importantly, it’s another chance to catch bench star and Bolivian bikini beauty Claudia Porras in action. Sadly, it might be the last time.

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