Unreadable Paper Names Clemens Unsexiest Man

The alt-weekly BOSTON PHOENIX, that trusted arbiter of all things everything, has put together a list of the 100 unsexiest men on the planet, which I suppose is not to be confused with the 100 ugliest. Tops on the list? Roger Clemens. Really? I mean, he’s no pulchritude, but wouldn’t it be more appropriate to give him the ugliest personality?

Roger Clemens And His Frosted Tips

So concludes the Phoenix:

“Considering Roger Clemens moth-eaten congressional testimony, this year’s Unsexiest champ is a quadruple threat: baseball and legal talking heads say that he’s a cheater, a liar/perjurer, a substance-abuser, and a world-class scumbag. His sexy status is further jeopardized by his Cro-Magnon mug (never have a player’s looks been so betrayed by the removal of his ball cap) and, worse, the litany of grotesque anatomical details we’ve been forced to hear.”

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