Week In Review: Erin A. To Huddle Up With Oprah

Erin Andrews wants to put that whole terrible peephole incident behind her - that’s why she’s going on Oprah.

• What better way to get pumped up for the college football season than with our first look at the USC Song Girls.

Tony Romo’s back with another blonde bombshell, as the Cowboys QB is supposedly smitten with Dallas sports TV reporter Candice Crawford.

• Why should you watch coverage of Kansas vs. Northern Colorado on Saturday? Because Samantha Steele will be working the sidelines.

• Want to tell the Chicago Bears coaching staff that you’d love to make the final roster but don’t know how? Say it with flowers.

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Break Out The Trojans, 2009 Song Girls Are Here!

Here’s some photos I took of this year’s USC Song Girls at Saturday’s scrimmage. Go through the pics after the jump and then vote on what you think.

USC Song Girl 2009 Photos

(2009 Song Girls: Hella hot or lotsa legacys?)

Personally, I’ll give them a pass. The temp was in triple digits and it was so bright with the reflection coming off the empty seats that I think, like the players, we need to see them in proper gameday conditions before we can make a proper assessment.

USC Song Girls 2009 New Photos

Actually, it might take several games of close inspection before I’ll be able to properly analyze their performance. (November sweaters? Anyone?)

2009 USC Song Girls …

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Later Today: Closeups Of New ‘09 USC Song Girls

The USC Song Girls made their debut last Saturday at the USC football scrimmage inside the L.A. Coliseum.

USC Song Girls 2009 New Photos

Coming later today, I will post shots of each cheerleader, and give you my favorite selections. And I’ll also get your take on who you think is the hottest.


Brooks Live Tweeting At USC Scrimmage In L.A.

Our benevolent leader Brooks is down at Le Colisee du Los Angeles today, observing & reporting on the super scrimmage featuring your University of Southern California Trojans!

Brooks SbB Girl Jenna USC

(Although it will be hard to top seeing USC with SbB Girl Jenna)

Follow all of Brooks’ as-it-happens analysis & witty bon mots, as he Tweets two cents on the performances of Pete Carroll’s posse - including how the QB competition between scheduled starter Matt Barkley & Aaron Crop is shaping up.

And if you’re good, maybe some sneak peeks of the USC Song Girls.

Week In Review: No Steroids in MLB, Why Watch?

• Major League Baseball without steroids is like porn without the silicone.

Monster Implants In Porn Like Steroids In Baseball

Just don’t blog about the subject with Raul Ibanez.

Rodney Harrison doesn’t like how the NFL has become “soft and pansy“.

• A Fox News morning show lambasts MTV for Bruno’s ass-ault on Eminem - then does a segment with a Fox reporter doing basically the same thing to a lingerie football player.

Tim Floyd takes off from the Trojans. What, and leave the Song Girls?

• Soon-to-be newlyweds Kendra Wilkinson & Eagles WR Hank Baskett are expecting a baby. On the other side of the spectrum, Barry Bonds’ wife demands a divorce.

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Kendra Wilkinson & Hank Baskett Expecting Baby

• Not only are Kendra Wilkinson & Hank Baskett getting hitched, but they’ll soon hear the pitter-patter of little feet around the Playboy Grotto.

Kendra Wilkinson Hank Baskett

• The Orlando Magic finally make the NBA Finals interesting.

• An RV crash kills the girlfriend, brother & dog of pro golfer Ken Green.

• Ex-Bear Roland Harper gets snared in a Chicago school landscaping scandal.

• West Virginia coach Bob Huggins battles his bathroom door - and loses.

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USC Safety Hangs Out With Song Girls (w/Video)

Taylor Mays is a bad, bad man. He’s listed at 6′3″, 230 pounds, is lightning fast, and can hit hard enough to make this happen. He also just so happens to play for Pete Carroll and USC, so he is a lucky, lucky man.

USC Song Girls
(Oh? You don’t go to USC? Your school only has “regular” cheerleaders? What a pity.)

So not only does he go to school on a gorgeous campus, he’s cheered to victory by the famous Song Girls and has a coach cool enough to let him make a video of his time with the ladies. That’s after the break.

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Natalie Really Needs To Close Facebook Account

Apparently Natalie Nelson, the ever-confused USC Song Girl, now has this photo circulating:

USC Song Girl Natalie Nelson Rides The Bulls

It’s on a site called JERSEY CHASER, and I cannot vouch for the pic’s veracity.

Sooooooo, want to see the unedited pic? Read more…

Indian Pitchers Get Tryout; Discover Song Girls

A few weeks ago we introduced you to Dinesh Patel and Rinku Singh, who won a television reality contest in India that brought them America to try and become the first professional baseball players from their country. And while the whole thing seemed silly at the time, it now appears that the guys are going to actually get a legitimate shot.

Indian Pitchers

(The guy on the left didn’t even know it was Halloween)

At least 20 Major League teams are expected to send representatives to a workout on Thursday featuring the two aspiring pitchers. One scout gives them an 85% chance of making it in baseball, which is a victory for all of us – because the longer they’re here, the longer we get to read the comedy gold that is their blog. (Bad Boys isn’t their favorite movie anymore!)

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USC Song Girl Suffers Sports Illustrated Curse?

We all know by now that appearing on the cover of SI is not something people welcome. Unless your name is Marisa Miller and you’re wearing nothing but body paint and a wry smile.

Todd Marinovich Sports Illustrated Cover

The SPORTS ILLUSTRATED jinx has been well-chronicled over the years, and includes this *memorable* cover of former USC QB Todd Marinovich (who went onto a great NFL career and his been an upstanding pillar in the Orange County jail community ever since).

Speaking of an insidious connection between USC and SI, last year USC Song Girl Allison Daniels was the subject of a riveting profile on SI.com. Ms. Daniels was due to return to the team this football season, and even posed in the squad’s official team photo. Strangely though, she was soon photoshopped out of the pic:

Allison Daniels Cropped Out Of USC Song Girls Squad Photo 2008

So what happened? Did the SI curse strike again? Was Daniels spotted at a McDonald’s drive-thru by Marv Marinovich and then summarily dismissed? Thankfully, Scott Wolf of the L.A. DAILY NEWS Daily News has the sketchy details of Ms. Daniels *voluntary* departure.

Allison Daniels Cropped Out Of USC Song Girls Squad Photo 2008

And of course, we have bikini photos of her else I wouldn’t have posted this item in the first place. Read more…