Blog Jam: US Soccer Gal Strips Off Shirt After Win

• THE WORLD OF ISAAC uncovers US soccer player Natasha Kai pulling a Brandi Chastain after the Americans beat Brazil for the women’s gold:

Natasha Kai US womens soccer shirt strip

Frankly, we prefer to ogle Brandi’s original shirt-shedding.

• UNPROFESSIONAL FOUL can’t believe what they’re seeing, as a British couple thinks they’ve found a missing girl, but the child turns out to be the non-missing son of a Croatian soccer player.

• YOU BEEN BLINDED pulls no punches, as Mike Tyson says he’s done with boxing. (At least until his next appearance fee check clears.)

• WITH LEATHER finds A-Rod hanging with the new Menudo. Ay caramba!

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US Women’s Soccer Off To Awful Olympic Start

Even though the Opening Ceremonies aren’t until Friday, the 2008 Beijing Olympics officially got under way Wednesday with some exciting girl-on-girl action. That’s right - as Heather Mitts earlier alerted us, the women’s soccer competition kicked off today. And the U.S. squad started things off by getting kicked around by Norway.

US Norway women's Olympic soccer

The Norwegians surprised the Americans, 2-0, in what USA TODAY writer Beau Dure described as a “sultry Wednesday night”.

Let’s let Beau tell us what happened - in very descriptive detail:

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Sneaking A Peek At Heather Mitts’ Olympic Diary

In just a few days, the 2008 Summer Games finally get going in Beijing. And even a few days before that (i.e. tomorrow, August 6th), Olympic soccer competition kicks off. So, how have the American teams been faring during the lead up to the games? More importantly, how has the women’s team been doing? Most importantly, how is Heather Mitts holding up?

Heather Mitts US soccer

Lucky for us, the soccer siren has her own blog to keep everyone up to date on her latest travels & travails. This week, she describes the anticipation of stepping on the pitch for the first round of games.

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