Passing The NCAA Urine Test, The MacGyver Way

Of all the gigs in college sports, there’s probably few as unpleasant as “urine test supervisor.” It’s exactly what it sounds like. You watch - intently, even - grown men take leaks into cups. You can’t really make it fun for anyone involved; one misplaced remark to lighten the mood and you’re looking at some stained trousers. Or worse.

Mandarich sad
(Of course, cheating on this sort of stuff doesn’t end well.)

And yet, it’s a wholly necessary task all the same, as football players have been trying to figure out ways to beat the system for decades. Of course, this discussion necessarily begins with Onterrio Smith and the Whizzinator. In fact, I almost wrote “hey remember the whizzinator that was awesome” and made that the entire post. But as admitted (and obvious) steroid user Tony Mandarich (you know, the world-famous photographer) points out, there are ways to rig your own little urine system with common items from Wal-Mart, and they’re weird as hell: Read more…