Bonds Pee Test Positive; Clemens DNA In Syringe

The main thing that’s been so frustrating in this whole steroids production over the past few years is the lack of a smoking gun. And after all these years of waiting, how ironic is it that the most direct evidence yet produced against Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens is in the news on the very same day?

Barry Bonds Roger Clemens

The NEW YORK TIMES is reporting that a Bonds urine sample that was submitted in 2003 did not initially test positive, but did on a subsequent retest. Meanwhile, the WASHINGTON POST reported today that the syringes Brian McNamee kept around for several years do contain Clemens’ DNA.

So who’s going down first (and how quickly can you sell all those Bonds and Clemens baseball cards you’ve kept all these years)?

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USADA Begins Blood Testing For Olympic Athletes

With many of the Olympic sports we watch every four years on the TV under scrutiny thanks to Marion Jones, Justin Gatlin, and many others, the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency has introduced blood testing for doping at the Olympic trials for track and field this weekend and will use them for swimmers next week as well, reports the TAMPA TRIBUNE.

Olympic track trials

Essentially, the agency is trying to catch users of HGH or anything that would enhance oxygen transfer. The article cites blood transfusions and “synthetic hemoglobin” as two of the particular methods that could be detected by the blood test but aren’t through the usual urinalysis.

The top three finishers in each trial will get the testing treatment. Given that the recent tests for EPO aren’t worth a thing, we’ll all just sit and watch with subconscious thoughts of who’s on what designer drug anyway, regardless of what barriers USADA tries to put in place.

Some Athletes’ Genes Built to Beat Doping Test

The NEW YORK TIMES takes note of a study completed in Sweden that puts the lie to Dick Pound yet again: large swaths of people in the world have a genetic disposition that allows them to beat the urine test for testosterone. So much for declaring the sanctity of doping testing and the self-assuredness of the performance enhancing police, eh?

Beijing Olympics mascots

There’s a darker side to the results of the study, which found that some people do not have copies of a gene that converts injected testosterone into a detectable trail in urine. Among that group of people rests two-thirds of the world’s Asian population. The Chinese government has been building an Olympic program geared for victory since they won the Games.

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