Teens Guilty In Locker Room Assault By Urination

What 14-year-old kid hasn’t tackled one of his football teammates in the locker room before practice and held him down while another kid urinates on him? According to one defense attorney, this amounts to just “goofing around” and is the sort of thing that happens all the time.

Locker Room

But a Pennsylvania judge decided that this constitutes harrassment, and found the kid guilty of that charge. The urinator himself already pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct. But will these rulings set a precedent that any incident of “horseplay” will turn into a legal case?

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Urinating Wang Comes To Blows Outside Club

Each morning, bloggers and columnists peruse news headlines looking for interesting material for commentary.  Some, like myself, have a soft spot for pun-rich lodes of comedy gold.  So imagine my glee when I was sent this story about a Chinese ping pong celebrity named Wang Hao who engaged in drunken fisticuffs with a security guard while trying to publicly urinate outside a Karaoke bar.

Wang Hao

ESPN.COM reports that Wang spurted forth the following, with commentary after the jump:

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K-State Relieved To End Home Loss Streak To KU

Kansas State finally got a 24-year-old gorilla off their back, as the Wildcats upset #2 Kansas 84-75 Wednesday night at Bramlage Coliseum. The victory was K-State’s first home win over the Jayhawks since 1983.

Kansas State Bill Walker peeing in towels during game

Wonder if the Wildcats’ Bill Walker was able to hold in his excitement.