Manny Being Manny Includes Manny Being Cheap

Now that Manny Ramirez is back from his suspension and playing with the Dodgers it means we can all move on from his penchant for taking women’s fertility medication, and start focusing on the more important matters in Manny’s universe. I mean, it’s not like the guy hasn’t given us plenty of things to talk about in the past. Be it taking out traveling secretaries or pausing for bathroom breaks in the middle of a game.

During his time in the Major Leagues he’s always giving us something to talk about, and now it seems that he even found the time to create a controversy while toiling in the minors on a rehab assignment. It’s been a longstanding tradition that big leaguers who rehab down on the farm buy their minor league teammates dinner before going back to the show. Everybody’s does it - from the bigwigs like Roger Clemens, to the guys who barely make the Major League minimum.

Well, everybody but Manny that is.

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