We Know! SD Cheerleaders Work As Hard As Norv

All too often while watching football, we get too caught up in the action on the field. We marvel at the performance of the players as they continually hurl themselves into each other at high speed, with no though of possible physical repercussions. We laud them for how hard they work during the week at practice to get themselves ready to perform on Sunday. But while we do all of this, we tend to forget a couple other important people on that field who work just as hard to be ready for Sunday afternoon as the players. What about the cheerleaders?

San Diego Chargers Cheerleader

Which is why we should all give ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER columnist Marcia C. Smith a round of applause. She could spend some time this week writing about the Chargers game against the Denver Broncos next Sunday night, with the winner taking the AFC West and playoff berth that goes with it. Or she could be campaigning for Philip Rivers to win the NFL MVP. But she isn’t. No, Marcia is making sure we all know just how hard it is to be a Charger Girl.

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