Photos: From Fightin’ Phils To La Cage Aux Folles

We know the MLB rookie hazing photos have made the rounds the last few months, and they’ve gotten a little tired. But BUGS & CRANKS uncovers a cache of photos deserving of our attention.

Phillies Rookie Hazing

They are from the Phillies this past season, and we must say that we’re in awe of the time, effort and detail that went into the costuming.

Phillies Rookie Hazing Photos

Now if we can only get a space cadet suit to be broken out by Darren Daulton at the Phils’ next old-timers game.

The BCS Championship Game Is Here! No, Really

We’re probably like you, we’d already made plans for tonight (snooker tournament) when we realized that the excitement and pageantry of the BCS Championship game was tonight in New Orleans. We can hardly wait for that bright, cheery light of broadcasting, Thom Brennaman, to illuminate us on the latest offensive innovations from Tressel & Co.

Lesticles LSU Less Miles Fan

Those of you who say that the BCS is a complete debacle that has somehow rendered the big bowl games meaningless, probably said the same thing about NASCAR’s innovative “Chase For the Cup”, and we all know how huge that’s been for the sport of auto racing.

Pam Kisses Whale (Not From Tommy Lee Video)

We know Pam Anderson is Canadian, and has an rather unhealthy love for animals, but this photo last night of the KFC-killa kissing the Vancouver Canucks mascot caught us with our pants down (much like the entire male population of Malibu Colony when Pam is in town):

Pam Anderson Vancouver Canucks Orca Whale Mascot

Serena Williams Sure Can Lovely-It-Up Sometimes

The holidays are all about the spirit of giving, and’s year in photos certainly reflects that generosity, giving us gems like this delightful vision of Serena Williams.

Serena Williams Face Melt

The capture harkens one of our favorite movie scenes, from “Raiders of the Lost Ark”:

Indiana Jones Temple Of Doom Face Melt