ESPN Video: When Stock Skyline Footage Attacks

Nobody does college football telecasts like ESPN, but when you broadcast as many games as ESPN, mistakes happen. Like last night.

During the ESPN telecast of the Wisconsin-UNLV college football game in Madison, Wisconsin, ESPN showed a shot of a downtown skyline as announcer Rece Davis pitched the broadcast to break.

The shot was supposed to be of downtown Madison at night.

Supposed to be.

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NCAA Sees Delaware Gambling, Raises Playoff Ban

The slapfight between the NCAA and Delaware over legalized gambling has reached a new… high? low? something? Who knows.

Wayne's World Delaware

After a judge smacked the NCAA’s lawsuit to stop Delaware from allowing sports betting down, the NCAA responded with a clear message: “We think the federal courts are wrong, we just aren’t allowed to oppose them.” So they did the next “best” thing and banned postseason play in Delaware.

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Kent State Flash In The Pan With 10 1st-Half Points

So far, March Madness has been more like March Mellowness. Except for Marquette’s victory over Kentucky, most of the games have been blowouts by the higher seeds.

Kent State basketball

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