C U L8ER: Model Fiancée Dumps Becker Via Text

I find myself this morning wondering what Boris Becker thinks of modern technology. On one hand, the Hawk-Eye tracking system likely would have overturned some spurious out calls and garnered him a few more points. On the other hand, his supermodel fiancée just dumped him by text message.

Sandy Meyer-Woelden

Former World No. 1 Becker got the news from Sandy Meyer-Woelden, 15 years his junior, in a text message last month. Then, to make sure he got the message, she sent it five more times. Ouch. But don’t feel too bad for Becker. In an odd twist of fate, it was exactly one year ago today that we posted about Becker dumping his girlfriend — by text message. Textabout is fair play.

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