UT Student Paper Censored? Solution from ABC?

FANHOUSE notes the difficulties of working for a student newspaper covering big-time college sports. (See, kids, it’s not just the adults taking crap!) THE DAILY TEXAN sports writers have taken quite a bit of abuse for reporting student-athlete arrests, receiving veiled and really-not-so-veiled threats from the Athletics Department, students, and boosters.

FANHOUSE also adds this isn’t even the first Big 12 school to take abuse from the local teams, citing Bo Pelini’s snit fit against THE DAILY NEBRASKAN.

ABC News panders

Another member of the AOL blogging family has the solution and we’re here to get these crazy kids together. FANHOUSE, meet TV SQUAD. They spotted ABC NEWS putting bureaus on five university campuses for graduate students and upperclassmen to participate in, creating stories for ABC NEWS online and for television. Guess which university is on that list?
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Benson Pal: ‘My Black Friend is Getting Beaten Up’

Another day, another revelation about the tempest in a Texas lake. Today, we hear that one of Cedric Benson’s friends present on the boat over the weekend when he was arrested for boating while intoxicated and resisting arrest will provide a statement in Benson’s defense. What will we hear in that statement?

Capsized boat

“”I called my dad and told him, ‘Call 911, my black friend is getting beaten up by police on Lake Travis,’ ” said Elizabeth Cartwright, 22, a friend of Benson’s from the University of Texas.”

Also, her fiancĂ©e took “dozens” of pictures during the assault and/or arrest. We look forward to those leaking from the court records. The red eye from the photos alone should create a sufficiently frightening villain for the press, much less the white tank top he wore in his mug shot.

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