Want to Support Your School? Buy More Beer!

We imagine it must be terribly difficult to support college athletics in the state of Hawai’i. The cost of energy in that state requires unique responses, but even those don’t lower the costs enough. Recruiting is a nightmare, oddly enough, with quality athletes only appearing on campus after unfortunate events require them to seek shelter on Hawai’i’s shores.

Budweiser for a quarter

(Do it for the children, won’t you?)

However, we admit we didn’t expect this: the Anheuser-Busch bottler in Hawai’i, a “platinum-level” supporter of UH athletics, has initiated a promotion to donate a quarter from each case of beer sold on the islands to refurbishing and rebuilding UH athletic facilities so they can keep a coach every once in awhile.

Boys and girls, you’re not binge drinking at college; you’re holding a fundraiser! Now raise up that beer bong a little higher.
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