Tebow Returns, Forestalls World’s End One Year

Moreover, brothers and sisters, we declare to you the gospel which we preached to you by which also you are saved from life without Tim Tebow in Florida, if you keep in memory what we preached to you, unless you have believed in vain that He shall return for his senior season.

Tim Tebow church sign

For we delivered to you first of all that which we also received, how that Tebow won the BCS Championship Game again according to the Brennaman; And that he took a few days to think it over, and that he rose again the third day according to the ORLANDO SENTINEL; And that he was seen of Urban Meyer for another season, then of the eleven (except Percy Harvin because, c’mon, who are we kidding).
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Jimmy Buffett + Urban Meyer = Parrot BFF 4EVA

Urban Meyer is a Parrothead.  To each their own and all that, but doesn’t the level of badassery of being the head coach of the University of Florida football team get negated by knowing the born leader of this highly successful franchise college team occasionally dons a flower print shirt and wiggles his butt to “Margaritaville” in concert?

Jimmy Buffett Parrothead

Apparently, Urban Meyer made it a point to buddy up to his hero at the Super Bowl in 2007 and has been begging him to attend a U of F game for years.  Yesterday, he got to skip around the locker room in glee as Jimmy Buffett attended the 56-6 beatdown of Spurrier in his old home.  Meyer may never come down from this.  If only there was some way to mellow out…
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Ex-UF Basketball Star Dupay Charged with Rape

Edward “Teddy” Dupay, the catalyst for the 2000 finalist Florida Gators, was arrested in Deer Valley, UT, last month and charged with the kidnapping, assault, and rape of a former girlfriend. The woman had several bruises, scratches, and broken ribs. According to court documents, Dupay acknowledged it got “a little rough”, but “how can you rape someone you love?”

Teddy Dupay - University of Florida

This follows Dupay’s dismissal from Florida under suspicion that he bet on college basketball games in 2001 and returning home to Utah to work as a telemarketer after drifting through foreign teams and the ABA and USBL.
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People Would Be Happy To Stalk This Cheerleader

Let’s end the day with the bizarre story of a University of Florida cheerleader who falsely claimed she was being stalked. Turned out she was kind of stalking herself. And she got arrested. Nice.

Lauren Beard

See, Lauren Beard doesn’t look all that crazy. The GAINESVILLE SUN tells us otherwise. Read more…