Nyjer Morgan Loves Red, Is Possibly A Major Loon

There’s something about the name Morgan that just brings out the crazy in professional baseball — not that that’s a bad thing, necessarily. Know why Nyjer Morgan was happy about going from the Pirates to the Nationals? He likes the color red.

Nyjer Morgan (right)

(Washington Nationals socks uniformity Fail) 

As you can see in the photo above (Morgan is on the right), he likes red the way that a certain Almighty Creator archfiend likes red. And if that seems like an odd way to think, I present you with the receptionist who wins your NCAA office basketball pool every year by picking teams based on uniform color.

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Turkish Lawyer Claims Italian Teams Uniforms Offensive To Muslims

TURKISH LAWYER CROSS ABOUT ITALIAN TEAM’S UNIFORMS: A Turkish soccer team is cross about the uniforms worn by an Italian opponent, and as a result, want the game results thrown out:

Inter Milan Jersey 100th Year

DHIMMI WATCH kicks over this story from GOAL.COM, where Turkey club Fenerbahce wants their 3-0 loss to Inter Milan stricken from the record because the Italians’ jerseys were offensive to Muslim fans.Milan’s uniforms featured a big red cross over a white background, displayed as a symbol of the Italian city. The ‘centenary’ clothing is a special occasion shirt honoring the club’s 100th year of existence.

Inter Milan jerseys

When the two squads met eariler in Istanbul, Inter Milan did not sport the cross-bearing unis. But for the return home match, the Italians saw no problem in showing some civic pride.However, a Turkish laywer argues that the cross reminds Muslim fans of the Knights Templar, a Christian military order during the Crusades - and such imagery is considered offensive to Islamic culture.

Monty Python Holy Grail

The lawyer is now petitioning the UEFA to wave off Inter’s Champions League victory. Wonder if there would be such a religious ruckus had the Turks won the game instead.