Sean Salisbury: “Liberated” From Employment

We’re still reeling from ESPN’s announcement that the network bounced Sean Salisbury after 12 years.

Rabbi Sean Salisbury

L.A. TIMES codger Larry Stewart has Sean’s *exclusive* reax - for those of us who care: “I’d grown tired of being punished for not being an NFL superstar. Analysts who don’t work as hard as me, don’t prepare as hard as me, and don’t have my resume were making more than me just because of their ability to throw or catch a football.Read more…

ESPN Drives Stake Through Salisbury’s TV Career

Michael David Smith of AOL FANHOUSE reports that ESPN’s Sean Salisbury is setting sail from Bristol.

Sean Salisbury No Internet

The NFL analyst is parting ways with the Worldwide Leader after 12 years of service. But he didn’t leave without selling himself to potential employers. Read more…