Former ‘Zona WR Takes Down The Hell’s Angels

If we started a new career, and within the first week that job choice had led to being shot point-blank in the back, with blood “squirting out of my chest like you had your thumb on a garden hose,” we would probably take that as a very obvious sign from God that we should stay the hell away from that profession forever. Also, if our job required that we infiltrate and take down the f*cking Hell’s Angels, we would once again stay away forever. Call us old-fashioned.

Jay Dobyns
(He doesn’t scare us. He terrifies us.)

In fact, call us anything except Jay Dobyns, above, who survived that gunshot to the back and that trip inside the unusually deadly biker gang during his career with the ATF. Dobyns’ “adventures,” which also include a fair college career as a receiver at Arizona, are detailed in his book NO ANGEL, which probably doesn’t have many jokes. As the TUCSON OBSERVER (via THE WIZ) reports, Dobyns was an undercover agent with the ATF, a decision he made with the consultation of only the most trustworthy of friends: Hollywood. Read more…