Parents Take Underage Beer Pong To Extremes

Next January, drunk college kids from around the country will converge on Las Vegas for the fifth edition of the World Series of Beer Pong. Yes, that game you played in college on a salvaged ping-pong table in your fraternity basement has somehow morphed into an actual, sanctioned pub sport, next to darts and pool. Bars across the country host beer pong leagues, Greg Oden plays it, even Rick Reilly dropped the dental jokes long enough to write about it for ESPN.

Beer Pong Baby


But just because it’s reached legitimacy in the minds of drunkards and Rick Reilly doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful playing it. Alcohol can be a dangerous drug, and beer pong can lead to some serious trouble if its participants are careless or stupid. For example, playing beer pong while holding a baby: careless. Uploading a YouTube video of you playing beer pong while holding a baby: very, very stupid. Video, of course, after the jump.

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HS Track Coach Jumps Out Window In Beer Bust

What kind of a sports day would it be if we didn’t hear about yet another irresponsible adult involved in shenanigans with underage athletes? But Tim Vinciullo’s story isn’t as shocking as a football coach’s wife sexing up 12-year-old players or a dad inviting cheerleaders to drink & dance on a stripper pole in his basement. However, it still is plenty amusing.

Calvin & Hobbes window jump

The 48-year-old Vinciullo is a volunteer assistant with the Hudson High School track team in Massachusetts, where his wife Kathy serves as boys’ cross country coach and his 17-year-old son Brian is a runner. Last Friday night, police made a visit on the Vinciullo household, where they found Brian & five of his friends engaged in some underage drinking.

And when faced with a confrontation with the cops, Tim did what any track coach would do - he jumped out a rear window and made a run for it.

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OK, Stop With The Drinking Photos On Facebook

Alright, it’s finally gotten to the point where nobody can ever post anything on Facebook ever again because it’s going to come back to haunt you in some way. Although, it shouldn’t be that difficult for teenagers to figure out that they probably shouldn’t be posting pictures of themselves playing beer pong at a party.

underage drinking

There weren’t any stripper poles at this party, nor any attempted murder/suicide drama in the aftermath (yet), but a bunch of kids in Connecticut — including a number of high school athletes — were suspended for drinking at a party at the house of the captain of their girls’ basketball team. Said girl was among the athletes who were then kicked off their teams. Her parents, who were home and apparently approved of what was going on, are charged with knowingly providing alcohol to minors at their house — and one of them is an elementary school teacher (so, probably soon to be unemployed as well).

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Bradley Athletes Are Definitely Malt Liquor Pickers

Last weekend was the capper to “40s Week” at Bradley University, a chance for student-athletes from different sports to come together and celebrate a shared love. Based on the name, you might think it involved the ladies dressed up as Rosie the Riveter while the guys put on their Zoot Suits best and jitterbugged to some Glenn Miller.

Bottles of Colt 45

But the PEORIA JOURNAL STAR says “40s Week” doesn’t celebrate The Greatest Generation, but something a little more relevant to today’s college students - 40s of malt liquor. Apparently it’s a weeklong celebration of cheap, hangover-inducing swill, encouraging student-athletes (and presumably anyone with $1.29 and no taste buds) the chance to party ’til they puke.

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Tubby Smith’s Nephew Stabbed To Death At Party

Well this should put that big underage drinking bust at Notre Dame in perspective. Mike Golic’s son may be in some trouble for having the audacity to drink during his freshman year of college, but at least he survived the incident.

The same cannot be said for William L. Smith. Smith is the nephew of University of Minnesota head basketball coach, Tubby Smith, and he was attending an off-campus party near Becker College in Worcester, Mass. A fight broke out between Smith and some other uninvited guests, and it ended with a fatal stabbing.

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Easy For Underage Fans To Get Drinks At Games

I’ve gone to plenty of sporting events in my lifetime, and while there I’ve had my fair share of beer as well. Why there were even times when I was able to buy beer at a football game before I even turned 21 years old. I would just ask the vendor as he walked by for a beer, and he’d send me one as I sent him my money, and he’d never ask for my I.D.

Beer vendor

At first I thought it was just because I have gray hair and facial hair, so I looked older. Apparently, though, my success at buying beer while underage wasn’t something that was as rare an occurence as I thought at the time though. A recent study shows that it’s a lot easier for underage drinkers to buy beer at stadiums than you think.

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