Jenna Jameson & Tito Ortiz Met Through MySpace

• How did porn star Jenna Jameson & MMA fighter Tito Ortiz first meet? It was through the modern miracle of MySpace!

Tito Ortiz Jenna Jameson

• The Nuggets sting the Hornets with a record-tying playoff blowout.

Bob Knight would appreciate it if the Dutch media wouldn’t f***ing ask him about the f***ing chair-throwing incident.

• Could you stand yet another day of the NFL Draft - in primetime, even?

Al Roker & Donald Trump have thrown some of the most fabulously futile first pitches at Fenway.

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Naked Ultimate Frisbee Now A No-No At Oregon

With the announcement of the NCAA recognizing beach, er, sand volleyball as a varsity sport, there might be hopes of other college club sports that could reach the same status. Like ultimate frisbee, for instance.

Oregon ultimate frisbee

And the University of Oregon has quite a good team, as the disc-throwing Ducks were on the verge of winning a national championship this season. However, their season was suddenly cut short.

The naked truth to the cancellation? They were playing naked.

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