Opening Ceremony Overshadowed By Murder

The 2008 Summer Olympics are officially underway after possibly the most spectacular opening ceremony in the history of the event. It took seven years of planning and billions of dollars, but the four-hour exhibition was considered a resounding success.

Opening ceremony, Beijing

Unsurprisingly, security was tight, in part because of the threat of terrorism, but also due to protesters angry at China’s record on human rights, media freedoms, and air pollution concerns.

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Blog Jam: Anti-Adidas Pose In USA B-Ball Photo?

Darren Rovell of CNBC sees a pro-Nike, anti-Adidas conspiracy afoot in this photo of the U.S. Olympic basketball team.

USA Basketball team pro-Nike photo

• Ouch! THE FIGHTINS pitches up video of the Padres’ Michael Barrett taking a foul ball to the face. At least his left testicle wasn’t fractured.

• WITH LEATHER (via MACHOCHIP) thinks ESPN is a whiz for coming up with a urinal that features a soccer ball & goal.

• PROJO SOX BLOG is bowled over by the latest giveaway from the Brockton Rox - a Yankee Stadium bobble wrecking ball.

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