Bonds’ Lawyers Say Typos Could Turn Legal Tide

Lawyers for Barry Bonds are hoping a small typo could make a big enough loophole for the slugger to jump through.

Barry Bond Barroid sign

The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports Bonds’ legal team filed a complaint Thursday saying that the screw-up from Federal prosecutors could hurt Bonds’ chances to get a fair trial. Read more…

Feds Make Boo-Boo In Bonds Steroid Test Report

*UPDATE*: Apparently the Feds made a little typo when filing a report about Barry Bonds’ testing positive for steroids in 2001. ESPN reveals that Thursday’s legal filing was actually referring to a November 2000 drug test - a failed test that was already mentioned in the original perjury indictment.

Well, that’s government bureaucracy for you. (Thanks to SbBer unclebandit for the heads up.)


REUTERS has breaking news that Barry Bonds had failed a steroids test in 2001 - only a month after setting the single-season home run record.

Barry Bonds point

Federal prosecutors made the allegations in a legal filing on Thursday, saying Barry’s good buddies at BALCO helped the slugger hit 73 homers that season. Read more…

Kansas Jayhawks Football Looking For First 8-0 Start In Almost a Century

KU TRIES TO ROCK-CHAWK TO BEST START IN 100 YEARS: Mark Mangino is living large, both literally and figuratively. The carb-loaded coach has Kansas perched at a 7-0 record this season. And with a win Saturday at Texas A&M, the Jayhawks can have their first 8-0 start in almost a century:

Mark Mangino

KDFA-TV passes along an ASSOCIATED PRESS article that notes with a win over the Aggies, KU will be 8-0 “for the first time since 1906.”However, we double-checked this stat with our valuable copy of the ESPN College Football Encyclopedia. According to the mammoth table book, the ‘06 Hawk squad went 7-2-2. The last Kansas squad to start 8-0 was in 1909, one year removed from their last undefeated season.

And they could’ve gotten away with another perfect record, too, if it hadn’t been for meddling Missouri beating KU in the last game of the season.

Kansas Jayhawk old time football

Could this be the year Kansas repeats the success of 1908, when the Cubbies could not?And could the AP be suffering the same copy-editing fates as their Yahoo and Sports Illustrated media brethren?

SI Caption Refers To Manny Ramirez as Manny Ortiz

SI PHOTO CAPTION NOT A CASE OF MANNY BEING MANNY: Just like YAHOO!, it appears that SPORTS ILLUSTRATED is also in dire need of copy editors:

David Manny Ortiz SI wrong

Unless Manny & David decided to tie the knot, which is okay in Massachusetts, with the former Mr. Ramirez taking Big Papi’s surname.For further fun, Tom Verducci adds another unintentional gay joke later in the article. The writer suggests that Rockies Game 2 pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez should be “aiming his hard stuff toward the middle of the plate.”


Yahoo Sports Thinks The Los Angeles Kings Play Basketball

YAHOO SPORTS THINKS RON ARTEST IS A HOCKEY PLAYER: Who are the yahoos running YAHOO SPORTS? First, they thought the NFL’s Texans were still in Dallas. And now comes this latest gem of a goof-up:

Yahoo Sports Los Angeles Kings NBA

Um, that should be Sacramento Kings.But we can see the confusion with the NHL squad. Both teams are from California. Both teams wear purple. And Ron Artest does like to throw punches that would make any hockey goon proud.

LA Kings Artest

On second thought, there’s no excuse. It’s just plain stupid.