Brian Urlacher Makes His Son Wear Pink Diapers

Over the last few years, Chicago Bears fans have found out quite a bit about the personal life of their favorite middle linebacker, Brian Urlacher. Thanks to a very public custody battle — at the time, the CHICAGO SUN-TIMES actually considered it front page news — we found out that he spent some of his free time knocking up. Why he would want to sleep with a woman who had already been in the news for falsely accusing the Lord of the Dance, Michael Flatley, of sexual assault (everybody knows the only sexual assault Flatley has ever committed has been on our eyes), and a doctor from suburban Chicago of the same thing, only Brian knows.

In the end, Brian was able to prove Tyna Robertson’s son, Kennedy, was his and won visitation rights with the child. Well, those visits are apparently getting a little weird. Maybe Brian is just trying to placate Tyna’s love for Michael Flatley, or maybe he’s just running some kind of odd social experiment, but according to the kid’s mom, Brian’s been dressing him in pink diapers and painting his nails blue.

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