Ed Hochuli’s Massive Arms Can’t Save Him Now

Already hopping mad from a malfunction in the replay booth’s equipment that nixed a review that would’ve overturned a Champ Bailey fumble-recovery TD, the Chargers got screwed again in the final seconds when referee Ed “Guns” Hochuli prematurely blew his whistle and ruled that a clear fumble was in fact an incomplete pass. Soon after, the Broncos scored a touchdown and added a ballsy two-point conversion to beat San Diego 39-38. Oops.

Ed Hochuli

Even though Jay Cutler clearly lost the ball as he was bringing his arm backward, Hochuli couldn’t resist the urge to suckle the silver teat and erase all possibility for possession to be awarded to the Chargers. Linebacker Tim Dobbins picked up the errant pigskin and ran two or three yards before stepping out of bounds, giving San Diego hope that they would be awarded the ball on review. The play was reviewed, but that’s when things got confusing.

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