SbB@3: Lady Wrestlers, Somali Pirates And You

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If you’re like me, you long for the days of old school AWA wrestling circa 1988, which featured stars such as Curt Henning, Sean Michaels and Sgt. Slaughter. ESPN Classic revisits that magical time this week, but you’re probably not going to see Hulk Hogan or the Road WarriorsVince MacMahon and Jim Crockett had taken them to their respective competing leagues by then.

Wait, I just remembered — I didn’t watch wrestling in 1988. Then how do I know this stuff? Weird. More bad TV following the jump. Read more…

SbB@3: When Joe Namath And Plaid Slacks Ruled

Imagine being a starting quarterback who has just won the Super Bowl, and having your own television variety show. That was Joe Namath, circa 1969, when he hosted the infamous “Joe Namath Show.” The premise was that Joe just invited whoever the hell he felt like talking with, and they taped a show. They don’t make them like that anymore.

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Here’s Joe, below, chatting with guest host Dick Schapp, and … hmm. Can you identify the other two? While you’re pondering that, enjoy women’s soccer, UCLA football, and loads of other listings from which to steer clear. You’re welcome.

The Joe Namath Show

(Still better than “Joe Buck Live”) Read more…

SbB@3: It’s Raiders At Giants … The Horror …

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If you can avoid only one game this week, it should probably be the Raiders at the Giants on Sunday at 1 p.m. ET on CBS. Some are calling the Giants the best team in the NFL, and the Raiders, who may not even have a coach, um, are not. May cause loss of vision and abdominal cramps; view at your own risk. Elsewhere on your dial: Read more…

NFL Network To Broadcast Every Preseason Game

In what will surely come as good news to fantasy football dweebs, shut-ins and the parents of Denver Broncos backup quarterback Tom Brandstater (full disclosure — I qualify for the first two), the NFL Network has announced that it will broadcast every single preseason game. It’ll be the first time that the entire NFL exhibition slate will be televised, making if officially no longer necessary to ever attend one of them in person.

(Even here, the Lions are on the bottom. Sad, really)

This is also good news to the 10.8 million digitally-based Comcast subscribers who will be able to watch the games without paying extra. Comcast and the NFL Network finally hammered out a nine-year contract agreement in May, including the agreement that the company would no longer relegate NFL Network to a digital sports tier that cost subscribers extra. Of course not everyone has Comcast, but that’s another post. Oh, more breaking news … Read more…

SbB: Promoting Frozen Sports Anchors Since 2001

Today we celebrate the day LAUREN WENT DOWN. And …

• Why did Bob Knight leave Lubbock? The Texas Tech coach quit for his kid.

Bob Knight finger pistols

• A high school footballer is heading to Cal on a full scholarship - just don’t tell Jeff Tedford.

• So distraught over the loss, a former Pats staffer (Matt Walsh, maybe?) is selling his Super Bowl ring.

• According to the MSM, the only thing Plaxico Burress didn’t do was threaten to bleed on the Patriots.

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Giants-Pats Game Most Watched Super Bowl Ever

Sorry, Puppy Bowl. The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports that New York’s Giant upset over New England was the most watched Super Bowl ever.

Eli Manning Giants Super Bowl Trophy

According to the Nielsen numbers, over 97 million viewers tuned in to see Eli Manning out-duel Tom Brady on Sunday, with 81% of the sets in Boston and 67% of the TVs in New York tuned into the game.

Fox’s pre-game festivities, including a red-carpet walk hosted by Ryan Seacrest, helped bring in the “American Idol” crowd - and also bring up some amusing quips from the boys in the booth.

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Former NFLer Takes A Scrum At Rugby In England

An NFL player wants to show just how tough he is by taking part in a pro rugby match.

Dhani Jones

SCRUM.COM reports that Bengals linebacker Dhani Jones will have taken a “crash course” in the rough & tumble sport, and will likely see action this Saturday in England for the Blackheath club.

And it’s not just a scrimmage that Dhani will be scrumming in. Blackheath will be facing Launceston in the fifth round of the EDF Energy National Trophy finals.

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Guy Takes Ball To Groin - In The Name of Science

SPORTS COLUMN serves up video of a guy taking a 50 m.p.h. tennis ball to the groin - all in the name of science!

The clip comes from the Fox Sports show “Sport Science”. Apparently, the experiment was to determine how the anticipation & pain of getting hit in the nads affects the heart rate. (Surprisingly, it goes up.)This tennis ball test to the testes also presents additional scientific benefits - such as giving folks something to watch now that “Jackass” is off the air.

Ricky Williams Hitting High & Hard On Poor ‘Joe’

Another season of Spike TV’s “Pros vs. Joes” has been thrust upon us. And what better way to celebrate than to run somebody over:

(Check out the hit at :19)

That’s the one & only Ricky Williams, who seems to have recovered nicely from his chest injury. Hopefully, Rick helped the pummeled Joe to some of his medical mary jane aftewards.

And guess who else was showing off their mad skillz for the Spike crowd?

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Hyundai Might Pull SB Ads; More Adriana Instead?

The WALL STREET JOURNAL reports that Hyundai is thinking about pulling it’s ads from the Super Bowl.

Hyundai Picasso

The South Korean auto maker is fearful their spots might rub some prospective buyers the wrong way. Not because of any racy content or wardrobe malfunctions, but because of concerns about a stagnating economy.

Hyundai believes that “taking out high-priced ads in this environment might rub some consumers the wrong way.”

Well, it didn’t bother Allstate when they sponsored the BCS Championship game in Louisiana - where many hurricane insurance claims are still unpaid.

If Hyundai decides to pull out but Fox can’t find any new ad buyers, the spots will have to air. However, as the WSJ points out, “Given the high demand for ad time, Fox would likely be able to sell the slots at an even higher price.”

And we have a good idea what viewers are hoping to see instead.

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