KU Football’s Penalty For Getting Lew’d: 5 Years

Thanks to a standard set by miracle worker Mark Mangino, some members of the media are already suggesting it’s time for the University of Kansas to relieve Turner Gill of his duties as Jayhawks football coach.

Lew Perkins nuked KU Football with contract fallout

(Thanks to Lew Perkins, you can’t find KU Football without a geiger counter)

One such voice is Matt Tait of the LAWRENCE JOURNAL-WORLD, who recently suggested that Gill’s hire may have been misguided. To put it lightly.

Wait, Tait wrote that in October, 2010. My bad.

Then there’s today, which features a thoughtful piece by Bill Reiter of FOXSPORTSKANSASCITY.com calling for Mangino to be rehired at the cost of the current Kansas football coach’s job.

In a story titled, “KU needs to make right move: Rehire Mangino“, Reiter features the following lede:

Let’s cut to the chase: Turner Gill, the head football coach of one of the most floundering football programs in America, isn’t the right the coach for Kansas.

You know who is? Mark Mangino.


Reiter also gleans comments from Mangino, who sadly has seemingly been reduced - by former Kansas Athletic Director Lew Perkins‘ ego - to whimpering for a job.

Any job:

“It’s what I’ve committed myself to doing my whole adult life and I love it greatly,” he said. “I love it. I love the competition. I love being around those young guys every day. They keep you young and keep you going. I very much am looking forward to getting back on the field.

“I’d like to be a head coach because I feel I have some unfinished business. But I’ll say if being an offensive coordinator or being a position coach is the opportunity that is the best fit for me and the best fit for them, I’ll do it. I miss it. I just miss it.”

That from a man who most recently led one of college football’s most notorious dregs to 12 wins and an Orange Bowl title. (As a native Kansas Citian, I still can’t believe I just wrote that sentence.)

Ironic then that for the very same reason as former Kansas Athletic Director Lew Perkins‘ contrived “investigation” into Mangino’s football program in 2009, there’s absolutely no chance the Jayhawks will be able to jettison Gill anytime soon.

Because Mangino had no contract buyout at the time that Perkins, whose ego didn’t allow for a high-profile coach whom he didn’t hire, wanted to force the coach out, the ex-KU AD and noted purveyor of unnecessary private air travel ginned up a witch hunt of Mangino. The result allowed for the coach’s ouster, but not without Kansas forking over a whopping $3 million to Mangino. (See hush money.)

Following his pushing out the best thing to happen to Kansas football since Gale Sayers, naturally Perkins furnished his hand-picked successor to Mangino, Turner Gill, a 5-year, $10 million contract that was also bereft a buyout.

With that handy contract language, authored by Perkins himself, it currently would take a $6 million payment - the remaining value of the contract - for KU to jettison Gill as football coach.

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KU Curtails Player Cellphones, Girlfriend Access

So far this season the performance of the Kansas football team has been impossible to figure out.

Kansas Football Cellphone Case

The Jayhawks were embarrassed in their home opener, losing 6-3 to North Dakota State. The next week they upset 15th-ranked Georgia Tech 28-25 but then followed with a disorganized, nationally-televised 31-16 loss to Southern Mississippi.

In the team’s latest defeat against the Southern Miss, the Jayhawks were a disaster on offense because of communication problems between sideline play-callers and quarterback Jordan Webb.

J. Brady McCollough of the KANSAS CITY STAR noted of the game:

When KU got the ball in the final minutes trailing 31-16, it had no timeouts to aid a comeback attempt. In general, the Jayhawks didn’t play with the same fast pace they used in the win over Georgia Tech because the coaches, sideline signal givers and players couldn’t carry the same tune.

Ironic when you consider the seemingly draconian - at least by today’s standards - measures Gill has taken all season to promote interaction between team members before games.

Jesse Newell of the LAWRENCE JOURNAL-WORLD reports today that Gill has banned players from not only using cellphones on game days, but the day before kickoff . When the team plays on a Saturday, players turn in their phones to KU coaches on Friday morning. They get them back after the game.

Then there’s Gill’s encroachment into the social lives of Jayhawk players. Read more…

Iowa State Confirms Nebraska Football Is Not Back

Nightmare game for Nebraska today, as the Huskers lose at home to sad sack Iowa State 9-7.

Iowa State Shoots Down Lincoln, Cornhuskers

The big comeback against Mizzou two weeks ago hinted that Nebraska football may be back on the rise, but two ugly losses in a row at home has thrown the program back down the stairs.

Andy Roddick Omaha native in disbelief over Huskers loss to Iowa State

(Dude is from Omaha)

I’ll keep saying it Coach O.: Turner Gill?

Nebraska Fan After Iowa State Loss

Speed Read: Marbury Courtside For Knicks-Lakers

I don’t have any way of independently verifying this, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that last night’s Knicks-Lakers game at Staples Center saw an NBA first. And it wasn’t anything that happened on the floor. Well, it happened close to the floor, I guess. Look who showed up, as a “fan”:

Stephon Marbury attends Knicks-Lakers game

Yup, Stephon Marbury, who is being paid $21 million this year to stay away from the Knicks, bought his own courtside ticket to the game and showed up to watch. Steph, of course, can certainly afford the seats. But how comical is this whole thing getting? The Knicks contend they’re still working on a buyout with Starbury, but he seems to be pretty content to just be chilling, doesn’t he?

Anyway, there was a game, and it was a pretty good one. The Lakers overcame the absence of Pau Gasol — who has strep throat — and a 15-point halftime deficit, to beat New York 116-114. Lamar Odom, battling the flu himself, had season highs with 17 points and 12 rebounds.

The lamest all-star game had its participants announced yesterday. Get used to seeing a bunch of guys from New York running around Honolulu in February. The Jets had a league-high seven players named to the Pro Bowl yesterday, while the Giants are sending six players to the game, including 44-year-old kicker John Carney and 42-year-old punter Jeff Feagles.

pro bowl cheerleaders

Both Mannings made their respective teams, and are the first pair of sibling quarterbacks named to the game in the same season. Peyton will start the game for the AFC, while Kurt Warner, who looked completely done three years ago, will start for the NFC. The Gunslinger made the AFC team (but why?), as did Mario Williams, who was once considered a bad draft pick over Reggie Bush and Vince Young. You can see full AFC rosters here, and full NFC rosters here.

Joe Paterno, who has said in the recent past that he’d probably die if he stopped coaching, was given a three-year life extension yesterday. However, the door is open to shorten or lengthen the contract as necessary. So, basically, the announcement just served the purpose of assuring recruits that JoePa will at least be back next year. Of course, I don’t think Paterno’s known the names of any of his players for a decade now, so that might not make any difference.

Joe Paterno

(”Who the f*** are you? Where’s Woody Hayes?”)

Alright, let’s hit the links:

Padraig Harrington only won two golf tournaments this year, but since they were consecutive majors that was good enough to get him voted as PGA Player of the Year.  ESPN’s Jason Sobel explains why Paddy won the award over Tiger Woods.

• THE WIZ OF ODDS says Turner Gill would rather hang out for another year at Buffalo than take over Iowa State’s flailing program. That’s the shape your team is in, ‘Clone fans. Gill probably should’ve taken the job, though, considering that winning five games in two years there qualifies you to coach in the SEC.

• There’s just no words to explain the following photo, so I’m not even gonna try. Big thank you to TMZ (which has more pictures like this if you’re so inclined):

Alex Rodriguez adjusting himself

Sean Avery has been kicked to the curb by the Dallas Stars because of the “sloppy seconds” incident. I’m still completely baffled by the level of outrage this brought out. US MAGAZINE says Avery checked in to a voluntary treatment program (for what? Crude humor?), but TSN says that’s not true.

• OVER THE MONSTER says that Peter Gammons believes that Mark Teixeira is choosing between the Red Sox and Nationals and may make his decision in the next 24-48 hours. The Yankees, Orioles, and Angels are all supposedly still in on Tex as well.

• UAB’s basketball team lost four players yesterday, according to the BIRMINGHAM NEWS. Two players decided to leave the team, and another two were disqualified for the rest of the year because of poor academic standing. Things are going very well for Mike Davis.

• A lot of sports franchises have fallen on hard times, but the Chicago Blackhawks are undergoing a rejuvenation. The CHICAGO TRIBUNE’s Chris Kuc talks about how the Hawks have gone from barely drawing 10,000 fans a game to leading the NHL in attendance in one season. The resurgent Hawks are averaging 21,475 fans per game (outdrawing the Bulls), and are one of the best teams in the NHL’s Western Conference.

• The IDAHO STATESMAN says that a former Boise State football player has arranged for four copies of this billboard to be placed around the San Diego area advertising the team, which will play in the Poinsettia Bowl next week:

Boise State

They’ll probably win the game, considering they’re bringing two sledgehammers onto the field with them.

• GM is not renewing its contract as official automaker of the Yankees, says XM MLB CHAT. Toyota and Audi will take over that distinction. GM also left a similar situation with the Pirates, and is reviewing deals with six other MLB teams that expire in 2009.

• More from TMZ: Vince Young contends that three guys, including ’70s baseball player Enos Cabell, “stole” the nicknames “VY” and “INVINCEABLE” from him, which is somehow preventing him from getting endorsement deals from Reebok and video game makers. Not being very good at NFL football is apparently much less of a factor.

Which team is going to pay way too much money for Mark Teixeira?

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Charles Barkley Knows Why Auburn Hired Chizik

Ever since Auburn announced that it was hiring Iowa State head coach Gene Chizik to replace Tommy Tuberville as head coach of their football team, they haven’t been getting much love from the fan base. Sure, Chizik spent a few years as defensive coordinator at Auburn under Tuberville, and was also the defensive coordinator for the Texas Longhorns the year they won the BCS National Championship, but his 5-19 record at Iowa State isn’t exactly impressive.

Gene Chizik

The question most Tiger fans have had is why would the school get rid of Tuberville to hire a coach that’s barely won 25% of the games he’s coached? If he can’t turn Iowa State around in the Big 12, how is he supposed to restore Auburn to glory in the SEC? Well, while he doesn’t know the answers to those questions, former Auburn basketball player Charles Barkley is pretty sure he knows why the school chose Chizik over Buffalo’s Turner Gill.

Chizik is white.

Read more…

Kiffin Could Be In Orange - But SU or Tennessee?

Now that Lane Kiffin has been removed from the Raiders, there’s rampant speculation on where the former Oakland coach & USC coordinator might find employment.

Lane Kiffin Otto the Orange Syracuse

We mentioned earlier that Kiffin could end up sitting in the saddle at Syracuse, since Greg Robinson’s tenure is more or less at an end. (Getting no support from the school AD certainly doesn’t help, either. But would you support a team that gets zipped 42-28 by Akron at home?)

Now, new rumors are popping up that Kiffin could be donning an Orange shirt, but not in upstate New York. How does Knoxville sound instead?

Read more…