Video: Tech’s Tuberville Reacts To SbB Facebook

Yesterday morning I posted three entries to my Facebook page that provided some insight into how Texas Tech’s Tommy Tuberville is adjusting to life as the Red Raiders head football coach.

Texas Tech Coach Tommy Tuberville reacts to SbB Facebook Posts About Him

The entries were entirely based on conversations with three different sources, two of whom are current football coaches at major college football programs and an athletic department staffer also at a major football school. All three know Tuberville personally and have talked to him about the Texas Tech situation.

From those conversations, it was made clear to me that Tuberville was not entirely pleased with how things were going at Tech. In fact, as I said yesterday, Tuberville was downright “miserable.”

SbB Facebook entry #1:

Tuberville is absolutely miserable at Texas Tech. Wishes he hadn’t heeded advice of Under Armour folks and taken TTU job. One of his complaints is ADs Myers/Hocutt are powerless to keep admins and boosters in check. Leach refused to kiss their rings, and you see what that got him. #tubs has told multiple sources he wishes he’d taken USF job over TTU.

SbB Facebook entry #2:

As time goes by, Mike Leach is only going to look more and more like the genius he really was at Texas Tech. He didn’t need great players to win, which is why he was such a great fit there. BCG will be similar. Recruits to his system, which works. Don’t need blue chips to win. #tubs another story.

SbB Facebook Entry #3:

How’s this for awkward: #tubs backchanneled interest to Miami after Shannon was fired. The Miami Athletic Director at that time? Kirby Hocutt, who was just hired as new Texas Tech AD.

After practice yesterday, Tuberville talked about my Facebook posts to the DALLAS MORNING NEWS, LUBBOCK AVALANCHE-JOURNAL, DAILY TOREADOR, and NBC Texas affiliate KCBD.

Texas Tech Coach Tommy Tuberville reacts to SbB Facebook Posts About Him

Tuberville told KCBD-TV’s Pete Christy:

“I don’t know where that came from. How about this weather here? Whoever wrote that blog needs to come down here. He probably doesn’t have weather this nice.

“But no, this is a great place. We’re gonna build something here that people can be proud of, but I think that comes from a lot of people who probably would hope we would pack up and leave.

“We’re looking forward to it. It’s gonna be a tough challenge the next couple of years getting it to where we want to get it to, but I would imagine that’s coming from across the river somewhere that they would hope I would go somewhere else.”

Two things stand out from those comments. Read more…

N.C. State To Fire Sidney Lowe, Hire Search Firm

North Carolina State Athletic Director Debbie Yow, who has known for two months that she would fire head basketball coach Sidney Lowe at the end of the Wolfpack’s just-completed season, will make the dismissal official with an announcement this week.

Sidney Lowe


Yow, who is scheduled to meet with Lowe tomorrow in Raleigh, is expected to hire Parker Executive Search to assist in the new hire. The same firm placed Yow as A.D. at the school last year. Parker typically charges $75,000(!) to help a school place a basketball coach.

N.C. State is offering a considerable sum to coach the team this time around, at $3 million per season. Despite that figure, I’m told high profile candidates for the Wolfpack job will be scarce because of Yow’s tempestuous relationship with Gary Williams when she was the A.D. at Maryland. (They’ll need every last dime of that three-mil to lure legitimate candidates.)

An ACC head basketball coach told me today that Yow has been asking around for months about who she should hire as Lowe’s replacement. Read more…

Prized Recruit Quits Gophers Hoops On Youtube

Myron P. Medcalf of the MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE introduces us to the newest generation of basketball stars, University of Minnesota basketball player Royce White.

Royce White Quits Minnesota Gophers Hoops On Youtube Video

White, who is currently under investigation for stealing a laptop, said on his own Youtube video today that he is quitting the Gophers basketball team because the police inquiry is taking too long. Medcalf:

Minnesota freshman forward Royce White, who was suspended indefinitely due to legal troubles, says he can’t wait any longer for the completion of an on-campus burglary investigation that’s played a key role in keeping him sidelined and away from the team.

The Minneapolis City Attorney’s Office told Medcalf the process could take a month.

Video of the *dramatic* video after the jump. Read more…

Kiffin Career KO’d?; What Can Brown Do For You?

Lane Kiffin better be updating his resume, although he’s still currently employed by the Raiders - as of this writing, anyway.

Lane Kiffin wipes face

Ronnie Brown runs roughshod and passes perfectly over the Patriots.

Brady Quinn may finally get his big break with the Browns next weekend.

Mike Golic’s son gets caught in Notre Dame underage beer bust.

• SbB writer Scott shares his own special memories of Yankee Stadium, such as taking a leak between Bobby Murcer and Ron Santo.

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Tubby Smith’s Nephew Stabbed To Death At Party

Well this should put that big underage drinking bust at Notre Dame in perspective. Mike Golic’s son may be in some trouble for having the audacity to drink during his freshman year of college, but at least he survived the incident.

The same cannot be said for William L. Smith. Smith is the nephew of University of Minnesota head basketball coach, Tubby Smith, and he was attending an off-campus party near Becker College in Worcester, Mass. A fight broke out between Smith and some other uninvited guests, and it ended with a fatal stabbing.

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Lack Of Attendance Shutters UK Hoops Museum

Kentucky fans will have to go somewhere else to relive the glory days of Wildcat hoops, as the UK’s Basketball Museum has closed its doors.

Kentucky Basketball Museum

The AP reports that lackluster attendance & financial problems have beset the Lexington shrine since it opened in 1999. Only 25,000 visitors per year have passed through its halls - a far cry from the 110,000 yearly fans that consultants had originally promised. Read more…

Rose Bowl Thrashing Not Reality Enough For Zook

U of Illinois head football coach Ron Zook is an absolutely dogged recruiter and coming off a top season for the program, complete with Rose Bowl appearance as the sacrificial lamb to USC and Pete Carroll.

So, what is he doing for a follow-up with this new-found attention on what used to be a floundering program? He and his football team will be part of a season of reality TV on the BIG TEN NETWORK.

Ron Zook, waterskiing

The CHICAGO TRIBUNE’s Teddy Greenstein says “Illinois Football: The Journey” will be a 10-13 episode series airing on the conference’s cable channel, which has had some difficulty getting off the ground and into homes.

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Blog-O-Rama: Al Michaels To Join NFL Network?

• NEW YORK NEWSDAY’s Neil Best hears that the NFL Network gig vacated by Bryant Gumbel could be filled by - Al Michaels?!

Al Michaels Cleveland Nun

Stephanie Stradley of AOL FANHOUSE knows what the Vikings’ Kenechi Udeze is going through, as her sister had her own fight with leukemia.

• ON THE BASELINE follows up that Maria Sharapova is still mad about a forced photo shoot, so she plans to dig up some dirt on behind-the-scenes at the WTA.

• RANDBALL catches Nick Saban embracing new technology to get around NCAA rules created specifically for him.

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Tubby’s Minny Contract Amounts To $3 Mil/Season

UK ESCAPEE SMITH GETS GINORMOUS TUB O’ MINNY MONEY: The MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE reports today on the contract of new Minnesota basketball coach Tubby Smith.

Tubby Smith

The seven-year deal makes Smith the “highest-paid employee in [school] history.” Smith can earn over $13M in University-based salary. Plus, the tubster could receive “additional money in incentives that could boost his annual salary to more than $3.3[M] this year.“And don’t forget he also gets a free car, tickets to school athletic events, reimbursed travel expenses to games for his family AND a pension.


Yeah, but all that dough doesn’t erase the sting of not having a Krystal Burger in town (Lexington has 10!).