WTF: TSA Brings Its Nuisance To The Super Bowl

If you’re headed to the Super Bowl this weekend and you think the last you’re going to see of those TSA agents is at the airport, you figured wrong. The TSA is going to be making a guest appearance at the game, providing a controversial new service at the gates. It’s called “behavior observation,” so if you plan on acting strangely while you’re in line to get in to the game, you’ll getting your own special interrogation before anyone allows you inside the stadium.

TSA security

(She’s nervous about leaving her cat alone for the weekend. Or she’s engaged in a Jihad against America. One or the other.)

TSA agents who underwent seven days of training in this will be looking for things such as “sweating, avoiding eye contact or talking evasively.” In other words, things that people without seven days of training could probably detect as suspicious behavior. The “sweating” provision might not bode well for some of the larger Steeler fans who will be waiting in long lines in the heat. Or John Madden, for that matter.

The ACLU, naturally, isn’t too excited about all of this.

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