Ex-NFL Brothers Prove Idiocy Runs In The Family

It looks like former NFL players Troy and Darren Hambrick have some sort of competition brewing between themselves to see which one could be the sleaziest loser. Troy (ex-Cowboy, ex-Cardinal) had surged into the lead last year by getting sentenced to five years in jail for selling crack cocaine. That’s called “throwing down the gauntlet” to his brother.

Hambrick brothers Darren Troy

(Hambrick brothers Darren [L] and Troy [R])

But the ST. PETERSBURG TIMES reports that Darren (ex-Cowboy, ex-Brown, ex-Panther) might have surged ahead with his latest misadventure. He has been arrested and charged with raping his girlfriend and holding her hostage in their house for more than 11 hours. That’s going to be a tough act for Troy to follow - especially from jail. Someone should give Troy a pat down and check for shivs, just to be sure.

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