Georgia Tech Honors Air Force Players After Game

Georgia Tech football coach Paul Johnson started something on Monday at the Independence Bowl in Shreveport that I hope becomes the next great college football tradition.

Georgia Tech players honor Air Force players after Independence Bowl

(At the aptly named Independence Bowl last night)

After Air Force defeated the Yellowjackets 14-7, Johnson, the former head coach of Navy, asked his players to honor their opponents by standing behind the servicemen on the field during the playing of the Air Force Academy Alma Mater. Read more…

Air Force Coach Drops Bombs On “Soviet” BCS

We’ve heard the BCS called a lot of names over the years, but Air Force coach Troy Calhoun is taking it to a whole new level. That’s right, according to Calhoun, the BCS is just a bunch of commie pinko bastards.


(”BCS! BCS! BCS!”)

At a luncheon featuring the coaches of Colorado’s NCAA football programs, Calhoun made a very timely analogy in comparing the BCS to the Soviet Union. Meanwhile, Orrin Hatch keeps saying he’s going to get the federal government involved in the whole thing, likely because he believes his Utah team isn’t getting a fair shake at winning the national title (even though they’ve made a BCS game twice).

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