Brog: What About Kimbo Slice’s Nissan Sentra?

Found via the forum at, a map of where some celebrities live in Miami:

Celeb Map Miami

(Map link - look at bottom of second forum response)

I’m also a little perplexed that Kimbo Slice’s Nissan Sentra parked outside the Dairy Queen on Alton Road isn’t push-pinned (if you’re one of the last living souls unaware that he lived in his car, we apologize).

Also, will someone, ANYONE give props to Dan Le Batard? Forget Youtube, he’s the man who manufactured and served up Kimbo Slice to the main media as legitimate (that means you, Kevin Iole).

Martin Rogers of YAHOO SPORTS reports on a crisis facing the tranny-owned Houston MLS franchise: Too many white players!

Team owner Oscar De La Hoya: “Right now, the majority of our players are Caucasian. We are looking at different options to bring in the best players from Mexico because of Houston having such a large Latino population. We want to maybe bring in a couple of players from Mexico and mix it up a little.

Saw this in a thread on the cradle-robbing practices of the New England Patriots.

Cheerleader Photo Fake or Real?

Fake or real? I’m guessing real.

I added that “Brooks” navigation box to the front page (top left) of the site today. Quick links to my posts, and a map where you can effectively stalk track my every move.

In case you haven’t figured it out, my new “Brog” is essentially some of my own personal observos about sports, with some stuff about the SbB site and my life thrown in. I’ve found that there were a lot of sports items that were slipping through the cracks. And I also wanted to have a place where you could find out what some of the future plans for the site were - and get reader feedback.

Speaking of SbB plans, I’m seriously considering putting out calendars of the SbB Girls in time for Christmas. I’m thinking we’d do 2-3 of them, with individual girls getting their own calendars.

Who are the girls I should consider? I have a pretty good idea, but let me know your feedback.

Or maybe I’ll just do a Kansas City-themed calendar!


Uh, anyone?

I may also do some SbB merch (shirts, hats) and other stuff you can buy. Like wallpapers of the SbB Girls. We have a store setup thing that we’re working on. For .99 cents on Paypal, you can buy a single wallpaper. We may also sell credits. Once you purchase the wallpaper, an email link is sent to you so you can download it.

I have millions of photos you haven’t seen, so that sounds like a good use for some of them. FYI: I also have shoots coming up in the next two months with three new SbB Girls - stay tuned. The first shoot is in mid-June. Read more…

Favre Un-Retirement: He Could Be Enticed To Do It

Will Beijing be the last chance to see Jennie Finch in all her Olympic glory?

• Could Brett Favre really come back with the Pack? “I very well could be enticed to do it.”

Brett Favre Sombrero Girls

• But if he does return to Green Bay, will they still name a street after him?

• Speaking of retired QBs, Ryan Leaf is doing A-OK at West Texas A&M.

• So, Michael Vick really wasn’t playing pigskin in prison?

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Reports: Stanford’s Johnson To Take Over @ LSU

Now that the Lopez Twins are leaving The Farm, Stanford coach Trent Johnson apparenty saw no further reason to stick around.

Trent Johnson

(Trent has his eyes on the Tigers)

Jon Wilner of the SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS reports that Johnson has accepted the head coaching job at LSU. The news comes from a report by KADN-TV that Trent is apparently Bayou bound.

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Athletes, Coach Fill Diapers and Soil Whole Team

Verbal protest has a long tradition in Western civilization. Speaking truth to power continues to seduce young people, empowering them to rail against perceived injustices across the world.

Baby Fan With Chelios Sign

At some point, though, college ends and you realize change doesn’t come from dragging homemade signs through protest marches to pick up women. (Different goal. Noble but different.)

(When you want to scream and cry, you must zip it)

Not everyone, though. The following charmers spent the last few days decrying the cruel treatment they suffered at the hands of the mean-spirited referees. Thanks to their snit fits at just the wrong time, each of their teams suffered mightily. However, now we all know about the mistreatment that life has thrust upon them and can, like, give them a hug or something.

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