We Have A Crabtree Sighting … Seymour? Um, No

So Michael Crabtree is perfectly healthy and working out in the San Francisco Bay Area, playing catch in an undisclosed location with Trent Dilfer. Hmm, is that in itself cause for alarm?

Michael Crabtree, Richard Seymour

More importantly: Could the 49ers’ reticent No. 1 draft pick be on the verge of caving in and accepting the team’s offer? Playing catch in Dilfer’s Santa Cruz backyard — when you live in Texas — are not exactly the actions of a man preparing for a six-month holdout. Meanwhile, the nearby Oakland Raiders are asking the musical question, where the %$&! is Richard Seymour?!?!

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Favre, Childress To Meet At Undisclosed Location

Brett Favre is turning into a door-to-door salesman, or possibly a Jehovah’s Witness. You see him coming up your street, so you run inside and hide in hopes that he thinks you’re not home and leaves you alone. But after awhile, you assume it’s safe to come out of your haven and finish mowing the lawn or whatever you’re doing. And just when you open the door - *WHAM!* - there he is, waiting to annoy you for the next half-hour or so.

Brett Favre Vikings

And so just as everyone pokes their heads out of their doors to see how the 2009 NFL off-season is going, there’s Brett Favre, just waiting to sell us some Ginsu knives, or if we don’t want that, his quarterbacking services. ESPN’s Ed Werder is reporting that - much like last season - the Minnesota Vikings would still be interested in having Favre don the purple & white, and Vikes coach Brad Childress has scheduled a meeting with Favre at an “undisclosed location” later this week to discuss Favre’s status.

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Blog-O-Rama: Matt Jones Caught with Coke & Pot

• DEADSPIN snorts up news that Jaguars receiver Matt Jones was arrested in Arkansas for cocaine & marijuana possession.

Matt Jones Jaguars mugshot

Maybe he’s just preparing himself for the Jags’ potential move to L.A.

• GOTHAMIST purrs at the latest fashion accessory Mets pitchers are sporting these days - Hello Kitty backpacks.

• LARRY BROWN SPORTS finds Lance Berkman taking a swing at those who are afraid to participate in the Home Run Derby.

• THE WIZARD OF ODDS can’t wait to put up their awesome 2008 USC Trojans football poster. Not bad, but this will always be our favorite sports schedule wall decoration:

Ashley Judd Kentucky hockey poster

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Brog: Brand Never Saw Clips Near-Matching Offer

Mark Heisler of the LOS ANGELES TIMES has more details today on Elton Brand’s escape to Philly. Heisler notes that the Clippers tried to offer Brand a contract of $81M, but Brand’s agent David Falk stopped returning the club’s calls. Brand eventually accepted an $82M deal from the Sixers.

Elton Brand Billboard

Heisler surmises, as we did here last Friday, that Falk is most likely behind Brand spurning the Clippers. Keep in mind though that Heisler’s sources on the matter are likely Clippers-affiliated, and the club is presently in full damage control mode.

Not many saw the Philly move coming, but two ESPN 950 radio hosts in Philadelpia, Harry Mayes and Dan Schwartzman, browbeat Brand on-air about joining the Sixers as early as June 5 (audio).

Meanwhile, Jonathan Abrams of the Times reports that Baron Davis’ agent has confirmed his client is still hip to clip.

USA TODAY reports that NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson endorsed John McCain yesterday at the National Press Club: “I’d have to pick (John) McCain. I think our core fan base, being Republicans like they are, that will be their first choice.”

FYI: NASCAR’s home state of North Carolina is currently represented in Congress by seven Democrats and six Republicans.

Yardbarker Nude Girl

(We avoided Charles Woodson’s wine stains, but not this - thankfully)

When I was at the Playboy Mansion recently, they were pouring samples of a wine called “24.” No idea what it was at the time, but now the DETROIT NEWS reports that the vino is the handiwork of noted vintner Charles Woodson.

The Chicago Bears official website has plenty of fun with the fact that when Jim McMahon visited the White House in 1996 as a member of the Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers, he actually wore a Bears jersey.

Excerpt: “When the Packers were honored at the White House, McMahon wore a Bears jersey, enraging Green Bay fans. McMahon explained that he did it because the Bears never got a chance to visit the White House after winning Super Bowl XX. Their trip to Washington was canceled after the Challenger space shuttle blew up.

God I miss that dude.

Paul Lukas of UNI WATCH BLOG has a bone to pick with the Brewers.

Milwaukee Brewers On-Field Ads

Seems he’s not too found of the club’s penchant for on-field advertising: “Can’t they leave this sh– off the field of play?

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Dilfer Rips Achilles, Calls It A Career After 13 Years

As Brett Favre un-retirement talks swirl among the national media, another long-time NFL QB is hanging up his cleats for good.

Trent Dilfer smile

The RENO GAZETTE JOURNAL reports that Trent Dilfer is officially retiring. The former Bucs-Ravens-Seahawks-Browns-49ers signal caller made the announcement Wednesday from Lake Tahoe, where he just pulled out of the American Century Championship golf tourney due to an injury.

(Ironically, this is the same tournament that Brett backed out of, which helped further fuel the fire of Favre’s possible return.) Read more…

Best Damn Sports Show Polygraphed Ray Lewis?

Ray Lewis

Can this be true? We finally get to know the truth from Ray Lewis?

Ben Maller of FoxSports.com reports today that “Ravens LB Ray Lewis took a lie detector test as part of a segment called ‘Best Damn Moment of Truth,’ a play off of Fox’s new popular reality show.

In the segment, which will air during Best Damn on Friday night (check local listings), Lewis is asked numerous questions.

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