Travel Brog: The Highlights Of My Last-Day Drive

I’m back in L.A., only took a 4-day drive from Miami. I’ve gone from 107 degree temps in Phoenix yesterday to 66 in Santa Monica today.

SbB Roadtrip

That’s one of the great misconceptions about Los Angeles, that it’s warm near the beach - even in the summer. The ocean water is cold (and filthy) from Redondo up to Pacific Palisades (just north of SaMo) year round. If you ever plan to do the beach thing in the L.A., goto Zuma Beach, which is at the northern tip of Malibu. And stop at the Malibu Inn for some BBQ on the way up.

I’m going down to Staples today to see what there is to see before the game. Knowing the type of fan that will be attending tonight’s final game of the Staples season (well-monied, runners-to-the-front), the best I can expect for entertainment value is a Mike Wilbon sighting. Considering how worn-out he’s likely to be from a free Saturday night in Lipstick City.

Travel Brog: Photos From My Cross-Country Move

As I make the move from South Beach back to Hollywood, the *highlights* of yesterday’s drive from Pensacola, Florida, to Lake Charles, Louisiana.

My laptop setup in the car:

Car Laptop

(Coveted mustard BBQ sauce - liquid gold!)

Extremely safe, I know. Thankfully, the state trooper in Florida who knocked my ticket from 90 in a 70 to 79 didn’t seem to mind. Thank god for my new, trusty Van Pelt.

Somewhere in Southern Mississippi:

Burning Car

(Confirmed: Packers #4 car flags not flame retardant)

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