NBA To Change Traveling For LeBron Crab Move?

OK, they’re not admitting that the changes are being  made just for LeBron James, but it’s pretty clear he’s probably the impetus behind a recent announcement that the NBA will investigate re-writing its traveling rules,  a modification that would make the “crab dribble” legal once again.

LeBron James vs Knicks

(A classic LeBron “crab dribble”, soon to be legal.)

The clearest indication that the rule is being pushed by James infamous tirade after he was called for travelling despite a “crab dribble” is  the claim that the league may officially allow two steps instead of one. That would pave the way to recognize the crab dribble as a legitimate move, since it requires, at best, two steps. Of course, nearly every drive down an NBA lane includes two steps at this point, so legalizing that probably just means that  NBA players will be upset if they’re called for travelling for three steps next year, but that’s another story.

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Paterno Makes Rare Off-Campus Visit To Recruit

Terrelle Pryor is such a hot commodity, that Joe Paterno is willing to leave the friendly confines of State College to pay the prized prospect a visit.

Joe Paterno motorcycle

(JoePa gets ready to hit the road for Terrelle’s house.)

The PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER reports that the 81-year-old Penn State coach doesn’t usually go on recruiting trips nowadays. But JoePa doesn’t want to miss out on a chance at the nation’s #1 high school prospect, who’s already been heavily courted by Michigan & Ohio State.

Luckily, Paterno won’t have to leave the state, as Terrelle calls Jeannette, PA, his hometown. Hopefully the Pennsylvania State Police will have the highways cleared for Joe’s journey. Otherwise, they may have a road rage repeat on their hands.

7-foot-7 B-Ball Player Finds It Hard To Get Around

Jason King of YAHOO SPORTS writes on the traveling travails of Kenny George, the 7-foot-7 center for UNC Asheville.

Kenny George 7-7 basketball player

When the Bulldogs hit the road, the team bus has to take out two seats to let Kenny stretch his legs. He could try to drive himself to game, but he doesn’t have a license - because he’s too big to fit behind the wheel of a car.

When the Bulldogs rest up the night before a game, Kenny has to sleep diagonally on the hotel beds. Even his schoolwork is affected by his big frame, as he often has to sit on classroom floors because he’s too big for the chairs.

George laments, “There are times that I wish I weren’t so tall.” But things are looking up, so to speak.

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Buffalo Bills Bus Home After Plane Gets Stuck In Mud In Cleveland

WHY THE BIG RUSH TO GET BACK TO BUFFALO ANYHOW?: WTAM-AM in Cleveland reports on the lost weekend for the Buffalo Bills. First the Bills were eliminated from playoff contention with an 8-0 loss to Cleveland in a blizzard.

Buffalo Bills Plane Stuck In The Mud

After the game, because of the snow, their flight home to Buffalo was canceled. Then Monday morning, their chartered plane could not take off because it got stuck in the mud at Hopkins International.Airport Director Fred Szabo indicated “the Delta pilot was making his way from a runway to a taxiway when the pilot took a turn too wide. That put a wheel and nose of the plane into the mud. The wheels sunk about a foot into the soft ground.

Time to Go Greyhound!

Why the big rush to get back to Buffalo anyway? Oh, we forgot, they were in Cleveland. And we suppose it could be worse, they could’ve been returning to Detroit.

Dice-K May Not Play in Red Sox Japan Series If Wife Gives Birth

RED SOX PITCHER’S PLANS FOR JAPAN MIGHT BE NO DICE: As Red Sox Nation knows, Boston’s season will start next year in Tokyo. But now there’s a chance the club’s biggest Japanese star won’t even play:

Daisuke Matsuzaka wife Red Sox

The ASSOCIATED PRESS delivers news that pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka may be off the mound and in the maternity ward, as his wife Tomoyo is scheduled to be giving birth to their second child around the same time.Red Sox president Larry Lucchino said the team and the MLB front office were already aware of Dice-K’s impending re-fatherhood when they scheduled the games between the Sox & A’s for March 25 & 26.

Baby ward headphones

Lucchino hopes the kid “will be born at such a time to allow (Dice) to participate,” but also added that Dice “has an important obligation with respect to the birth of that child.”If the baby does pop out at that time, Boston won’t be short-handed when it comes to bringing along Japanese pitchers. Hideki Okajima will have a chance to return to the field where he spent 12 years of his career.

And another Sox hurler is already looking forward to the trip. Curt Schilling proclaims, “I’m not going to pitch over there, so I’m going to have fun.”

Curt Schilling family

Seems like he’s already having fun, with his Red Sox squad beating SbB’s Royals in SPORTING NEWS Strat-O-Matic action.Damn him! (for this week, anyway)

Red Sox To Open Season in Japan Against Athletics

KONNICHIWA, BITCHES! RED SOX TO START 2008 IN TOKYO: Dice-K will be heading home next March. And his Boston baseball teammates are coming along:

Dice-K Red Sox Tokyo

The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports that the Red Sox will start their season next year in Japan, where the World Series champs will face off against the Oakland Athletics in Tokyo.The Sawx and A’s will face off in two games on March 25 & 26. In the days beforehand, both teams will play Japanese squads in exhibition games.

Hiroshima Toyo Carp

Hope their exhibitions go better than Michigan State’s and Ohio State’s.And MLB hopes this isn’t their only foray to the Far East in 2008. The league is hoping to have the Dodgers and Padres play in Beijing, at the ballpark being built for the Olympics. Those games would likely take place in mid-March.

Beijing Los Angeles smog

With air pollution constantly covering the Chinese capital, the L.A. club should feel right at home.