Ines Sainz Makes Watching Sports Much More Fun

Ines Sainz of TV Azteca: A sports reporter we can all get behind.

Ines Sainz

Phil Jackson makes Jonah Hill feel super bad during game: “Next time you move around during a play, I’ll kick you the f*** out of here!”

Ron Artest reenacts the Malice In The Palace for aspiring Chinese pop star Shin Shin. How nice nice of Ron Ron.

• British soccer club asks US firm to find a buyer for their team. Firm decides the best action is to sell the team by way of eBay.

Manny Ramirez & David Ortiz are among those named as testing positive for PEDs in 2003.

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So We Should Not Have Put Your Club on eBay?

Pity the Tranmere Rovers, a third-tier English football program. Owing to either financial straits or the affluenza that seeps in after a few years of realizing the tedium of sports club management, ownership decided recently to sell the club.

eBay soccer free shipping
(How can you turn down free shipping for an entire club? Have you seen airfare prices these days?)

The club seemed to have made a colossal mistake in judgment when it came to the logistical task of finding buyers, though. For that, they hired USA firm Dornoch Capital, which - as near as we can tell - doesn’t even have their own company website. That’s not to say, of course, that they’re not the savviest of web users.

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