Tony Gonzalez Almost Traded To The Packers?

In the NFC North, a division that no one apparently wants to win - none of the 4 teams are currently over .500 - all it’s going to take is an ill-timed injury or a key trade to make the difference between a team watching the playoffs from home and getting knocked out by their first round opponent. Which is why when the Packers heard that Tony Gonzalez wasn’t too happy playing for the rebuilding Chiefs, they made them an offer. And the Chiefs accepted.

Tony Gonzalez

(He’s not exactly smiling now)

But things didn’t turn out so great for the fans who don the hats of cheese. Even though the Packers “sent the papers and everything, thinking it was going to happen”, the Chiefs pulled the ol’ “Why don’t you give us more than we agreed to” routine with about 10 minutes to go before the deadline was over. The Packers did not.

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The Big Judas To Nash: “I Will Not Let You Down”

Paul Coro of the ARIZONA REPUBLIC has an update on the status of the Shaq-Suns trade, noting that The Big Judas landed in the valley of the sun at midday local time to get his physical by Suns team doctors. Hopefully this is enough notice for hospital staffers to steer clear of The Big Crispy’s backless smock.

Lego Shaq

Coro has this comment from Shaq to Steve Nash as they spoke over the phone last night, “I will not let you down.”

Too bad he didn’t have the same sentiment for Miami fans, who shelled out millions in season ticket money this year that could’ve been better spent on a Country Music Carnival Cruise (Emmy Lou Harris!).

ESPN: Shaq-Suns Deal Done Soon As Wednesday

Ric Bucher of ESPN reports tonight that Shaq is flying to Phoenix in the morning to take a physical and if everything proceeds without incident, the trade between the Heat and Suns will go through. That is, Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks to the Heat for O’Neal. But, of course, consider the source.


Report: Miami Heat In Serious Talks To Trade Shaq

Barry Jackson of the MIAMI HERALD reports this afternoon that “The Heat has told center Shaquille O’Neal’s representation that it is talking about trading him and he should be prepared for the possibility of a deal, according to two officials close to the situation. Phoenix has discussed sending forward Shawn Marion and point guard Marcus Banks to the Heat in return for O’Neal.Asked for confirmation, one of O’Neal’s representatives said O’Neal has been made aware that discussions with Phoenix are serious and ongoing, but that a deal was not definite.

Shaquille O'Neal slam dunk

Dallas also has been mentioned as a potential destination, though the Heat had not immediately informed O’Neal of that possibility.

So the Heat would be trading for Marion’s expiring contract. Why the Suns would want Mr. Vitaminwater is one of the world’s most underrated mysteries.

Also keep in mind that O’Neal is very sensitive about being mentioned in trade talks. Since this has now gone public, we’re wagering he’s as good as gone from Miami.

Ric Bucher Owns Longest Losing Streak In Sports Reporting History

DRAT, GUESS MY KOBE WAS WRONG ABOUT THAT ONE TOO! As a public service, we wanted to run down the current longest losing streaks in sports for you:

A) Chicago Cubs’ 99 Years without World Series title
B) Florida International’s 20 straight losses
C) Navy’s 43-game losing streak vs. Notre Dame
D) Ric Bucher’s Kobe Bryant trade predictions

Ric Bucher

Honestly, we’ve speculated on some things over the years that didn’t turn out the way we thought they would, but is there a respirating speciman outside the 860 that doesn’t emit a giggle every time they see or hear the sunbedded-soul patch give us another of his NBA *scoops*? This is a man who makes Peter Vecsey and Sam Smith resemble Hal 9000.

Sacramento Kings Rumored to be Part of Kobe Bulls Trade

SAC KINGS ABDICATED FROM POSSIBLE KOBE-BULLS DEAL?: The ongoing saga of Kobe coming to Chicago has been given a little Sacramento flavor:

Kobe Bryant Kirk Hinrich Ron Artest

SACTOWN ROYALTY decrees that the latest trade rumors involve the Kings in a three-way deal with the Lakers and Bulls.As compiled from various sources, the deal would have Bryant being Bulls-bound, with current Chicagoan Kirk Hinrich and current King Ron Artest joining the Lake Show, while Ben Gordon and Ben Wallace would venture to Arco Arena - in addition to a cast of thousands on the possible move.

Right now, all of this is speculation, as Kobe continues to unhappily twist in the Santa Ana wind. After the rude reception the Lakers star received Tuesday night, he probably can’t get out of town and out under Jerry Buss’ thumb soon enough.

Yahoo Sports Los Angeles Kings NBA

And if Sacramento won’t cooperate, they can always try asking the Los Angeles Kings.

Kobe Could Head To Dallas In Trade For Nowitzki

KOBE-FOR-DIRK TRADE DEFLATED; BULLS STILL AN OPTION: A SoCal paper reports that Kobe could end up in Dallas, but only if Dirk Nowitzki starts suiting up at Staples Center:

Kobe Bryant Dirk Nowitzki

The SANTA MONICA MIRROR reflects news that L.A. owner Jerry Buss would consider shipping the sullen superstar to the Mavericks, but on the condition that the gargantuan German center would be sent to the Southland in return.

However, fresh off his exit from “Dancing With The Stars“, Mavs owner Mark Cuban has said he’s “not interested” in a Kobe-Dirk swap.

Just down the I-5, Randy Youngman of the ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER adds to the trade rumors by suggesting that Bryant will be with the Lake Show until at least mid-December:

Kobe Bryant

The speculation is that by then, the Lakers’ front office may be able to get a favorable deal from the Chicago Bulls, one of the few teams Kobe has said he would play for.

The Lakers’ regular season begins next Tuesday against Houston. Many sets will be tuned into TNT that night - not for the game, but to see if Kobe shows up in gold & purple.