Ron Artest Emails ESPN That He Really Likes Sac

Marc Stein of ESPN reports that Ron Artest sent a message that he doesn’t seem to be so unsatisfied with the Sacramento Kings.

Ron Artest Arrested For Domestic Violence

After telling his NBA employers earlier this month that it “would be better if I wasn’t on the team,” Artest e-mailed the Worldwide Leader about his supposed change of heart:

I am anxious to see what my future holds, I like Sac. My entire focus is with Sac.”

With those kind of comments, maybe Ron really wants a trade to West Hollywood.

Kidd Pretends to Be Happy About Trade Collapse

According to THE STAR-LEDGER (NJ), the eight-player trade between the Mavs and Nets is pretty much dead, thanks to NBA superstar Devean George’s desire to block the deal.

Jason Kidd family bath

You’d think Jason Kidd¬†would be¬†pretty upset about this, but alas, he’s completely charged about staying with a team that’s seven games under .500. I always find it fun to go back and compare quotes from someone who thinks they are being traded and then quotes later after they find out the trade isn’t happening.

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Devean George Can Block A Trade? Seriously?

Who’s the unknown role-player putting the kibosh on the deal that would send Jason Kidd back to Dallas with Malik Allen? This guy, right here:

Devean George

Due to injuries, Mavs swingman Devean George has been starting lately, and seems to like his situation — thus, he is exercising his “Larry Bird rights” and saying no to being dealt along with Devin Harris, Jerry Stackhouse, 2 others, draft picks and cash, according to the DALLAS MORNING NEWS.

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Kidd Gallops Back To Mavs, Stackhouse To Rest?

ESPN reports that the New Jersey Nets have agreed in principle to trade disgruntled star Jason Kidd back to the Dallas Mavericks.

Jason Kidd Dallas Mavericks

The “imminent” deal would send Kidd & Malik Allen to Big D, while New Jersey nets Jerry Stackhouse, Devin Harris & 3 other players, along with $3 million in cash and the Mavs’ first-round draft picks in 2008 & 2010.

While Kidd gets to get out of his own bad situation, Stackhouse might end up the real winner. Read more…

Shaq Passes Physical, NBA OK’s Trade To Suns

The ARIZONA REPUBLIC reports that Shaquille O’Neal has passed his physical, paving the way for the big guy to join the Phoenix Suns.

Shaq exercise bike

The SOUTH FLORIDA SUN-SENTINEL follows up that the NBA has officially approved the deal, so Shaq Diesel will be officially parking himself in the desert. In the meantime, Shawn Marion & Marcus Banks will be heading to Miami to suffer in the Heat.