Trackster: ‘That’s not me, a floozie with big boobs’

Sweden english-speaking media outlet THE LOCAL reports that Swedish track star Carolina Kluft is upset with promoters of an upcoming Scottish track meet “for combining her likeness with a caricature of Pippi Longstocking for a press conference promoting an upcoming competition.

Carolina Kluft Floozie With Big Boobs

Kluft on the ham-fisted, photoshopped image: “I don’t think that looks so nice. I have to be honest, That’s not me, a floozie with big boobs.

That statement sounds a little like Kluft is implying that having big boobs makes you a floozie.

Thankfully, at least for Kluft, she has no such worries:

Carolina Kluft

And we’re happy to report that this isn’t even the best part of the story.

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