Are Sports More Important In Life Than Religion?

A lot of people in the United States take things way too seriously. The fact that fantasy football is a multi-billion dollar enterprise is all the proof of that you’ll ever need. But we live in a nation of Puritan serial complainers - have too much fun, someone’s bound to complain about your awful work ethic and morals. We, of course, have neither a work ethic nor morals, so we hear it all the time - such is the life of the blogger.

Notre Dame Touchdown Jesus

As much as uptight cultural crusaders love to complain about everything here in America, can you imagine what would happen if they caught wind of an editorial suggesting that religion be replaced by sports? Rush Limbaugh’s head might explode. In Ireland, however, that’s exactly what’s happened.

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Brady Quinn Assures You Of His Straightness

So there you are, doing your nightly porn-surf, when your eyes accidentally scan the sidebar ads and there, looking back up at you, is none other than sometimes-Cleveland Browns quarterback and full-time beefcake Brady Quinn!

Brady Quinn ad closeup

(Touchdown Jesus, indeed!)

No, it’s not a nightmare young one. It’s a reality. And Quinn is none too happy about it, sending his lawyers in immediately to do a little cease-and-desisting with the website. TMZ.COM has the details after the jump.

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