WR Wes Welker Gets A $10,000 Snow Angel Fine

Just when you were starting to realize that the NFL could have been trying to protect fans by fining the Jets’ Shawn Ellis for throwing a snow boulder into the stands in Seattle, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell signs off on this atrocity: The league is fining Patriots wide receiver $10,000 Wes Welker for making a snow angel, according to Christoper Gaper of the BOSTON GLOBE.

wes welker snow angel

(Welker being an NFL deviant, evidently.)

That’s right, despite the fact that Welker’s second-half touchdown celebration A) didn’t involve any teammates, B) only involved props provided by nature, C) lasted for less than five seconds and D) was clearly an improptu reaction, the league is still handing down it’s standard $10G celebration fine. Talk about a crappy Christmas present to one of the league’s hardest-working, most reliable players.

To call the fine humorless is a significant understatement. To call it a cynical holiday present doesn’t do it justice. This, in its most pure, bottom line, is the NFL outlawing any expression of impetuous personal jubilation.

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Ocho Cinco Plans On Kissing The Star On Sunday

Last week Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle/convicted felon Tank Johnson got a bit bent out of shape after he felt the Washington Redskins celebrated a bit too much after beating the Cowboys. In particular, Tank was upset with Rock Cartwright for standing on the Cowboys star at midfield and playing to the crowd.

Well, if Tank was ticked off with Rock over just standing on the star, he better hope the Cowboys secondary can keep Chad Ocho Cinco out of the end zone this Sunday. If they can’t, Chad has already got some plans for how he’s going to celebrate.

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