“Everybody Hates Chris”: Art Soon To Imitate Life?

I’ll admit that before today, I knew next to nothing about Chris Bosh. All these years, I made zero effort to familiarize myself with his NBA career and background.

Chris Bosh

Thanks to Stefan Bondy of the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, I now know all I need to know about him.

Bosh was in New York this week to promote one of his few sponsors, the Milk Board, when he told Bondy that he intentionally misled fans and the media about his intentions before he signed with the Miami Heat.

He also likened “playing with people’s emotions to “entertainment.” Read more…

Source: Allen May ‘Take Less’ To Join Heat Big 3?

Jorge Sedano of the MIAMI HERALD reports today that, according to a source, LeBron James has spoken to Boston Celtics free agent Ray Allen in a bid to land the shooting guard for the Miami Heat in the event James, Raptors forward Chris Bosh and Miami Heat free agent Dwyane Wade agree to join the Heat together.

LeBron James and Ray Allen

Though Sedano, who is also morning drive host for 790 The Ticket in Miami, added that Allen hasn’t ruled out a return to the Celtics - on one condition. Read more…

NBA’s Most Notorious Madame Unwittingly Outed?

Thursday Hannah Karp of the WALL STREET JOURNAL did a piece on how great the party scene in Toronto was for visiting NBA players. Mentioned prominently in the story was a woman named Mona Halem.

Mona Halem Antawn Jamison

At the center of much of the city’s athlete nightlife is an event planner and promoter named Mona Halem, a former employee of the Air Canada Centre, which is home to the Raptors. Ms. Halem has become “notorious” throughout the sports world, says Raptors forward Antoine Wright, for assembling attractive party guests to fete nearly every franchise that comes to town.

The popularity of these parties—some athletes say they’ve cancelled appearances and forfeited thousands of dollars in fees to attend them—has made Ms. Halem a known entity throughout sports.

The Journal doesn’t specify what Halem’s business model actually is, except that, “some athletes say they’ve cancelled appearances and forfeited thousands of dollars” to”attend” her “events.”

Mona Halem Vince Carter

Here is an extensive gallery of photos from some of Halem’s past “events.” After you look through the photos let me know if you think NBA players have “forfeited thousands of dollars” to merely “attend” her “events.

Today I talked to an NBA staffer and a league announcer about Halem. Each travels with an NBA team.

Mona Halem With Jay-Z

The staffer told me that league players have long been hooking up with “Halem’s girls,” with her “services” to the ballers often going beyond bottles.

I also learned today that Halem’s ladies occasionally service the stray, garden-variety rapper, boxer and member of the Buffalo Bills. (I’m serious.) Hockey and baseball players though aren’t getting any action, as Halem apparently prefers dealing with the basketball and football types.

Mona Halem Jermaine O'Neal

That’s not to say that Halem makes her bones as madame, but if the follow-up pieces about her in the TORONTO GLOBE & MAIL and TORONTO STAR are any indication, I’m not the only one hearing that she’s providing visiting ballers with more than just party favors.

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Vid: NBAer With Ball Ties Shoe During Live Action

In case you didn’t think it was possible for an NBA player to tie his shoe will possessing the ball during live game action, you haven’t been watching the Chicago Bulls lately.

Jarrett Jack Ties Shoe During NBA Game Against The Bulls

That’s Raptors guard Jarrett Jack last night against the Bulls at the United Center tying his shoe while an apparently enraptured Luol Deng has the courtesy to leave the point guard undisturbed in his endeavor.

Not coincidentally, the Raps destroyed Chicago in the game, 110-78 - after jumping out to a 37-16 first quarter lead. Video after the jump. Read more…

Chris Bosh Saves The Internet For 800+ Athletes

There probably aren’t any statistics to bear this out, but we’re pretty damned sure that the lowest ratio of IQ-to-income among all professions belongs to athletes, who display an uncanny ability to blow through unholy amounts of money as soon as they get it. That’s not news, of course, but it makes them prime targets for people looking for an easy dollar.

Chris Bosh loves music SO MUCH
(This man is your hero.)

Cyber-squatters, of course, are some such people, and one in particular made an effort to claim the names of hundreds upon hundreds of athletes. Unfortunately, one of those athletes just so happened to be Chris Bosh. Bosh does have money, but rather than cough up a cent for his eponymous domain name, he used said money on lawyers, who have the “get rich off rich people” game on lock. A (metaphorical) layup in court later, and over 800 domain names are free, including some absolute gems.

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Hedo Turkoglu: New Raptor, New Rapper (Video)

One of my small indulgences over the years has been rap in languages that I don’t have a damned prayer of understanding. Case in point, “Saker Och Ting” by Petter. He sure sounds angry, but for all I know, he’s rapping about bunny rabbits, rainbows, and smiling. You foreign people with your moonman words!

(This is not an unrelated picture. It’s actually TurkCell’s logo. I don’t know why.)

Now we’ve got an unlikely entrant into the genre, though. Hedo Turkoglu, fresh off his free-agency payday with the Toronto Raptors, decided to cut a commercial for TurkCell, the leading cell phone company in his native Turkey. It’s, uh… it’s interesting.

(Video after the jump.)

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Bosh Branching Out into Music, DVD Compilations

Chris Bosh is a man of many talents. To call him a “Renaissance Man” is to devalue the term to its lowest point in recorded history, but let’s give him some credit: he’s a world-class basketball player, a comedian, and a weatherman. The only other person who can claim all those three qualities is Al Roker. Dude, Roker can ball.

Chris Bosh loves music SO MUCH
(Bosh also has the “I’m pretending to listen to music” face down cold.)

And though Bosh remains in the black hole of media attention that is the Raptors franchise, Warner Music Canada has at least noticed Bosh’s off-court exploits and was sufficiently impressed to sign the big man to a CD and DVD deal for later this year, according to CANADA.COM. I see some furrowed brows out there, but allow Bosh himself to reassure you - he’s not going to rap (pops to PDF):

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Former Pitt Star’s NBA Career Screwed by Screw?

Sam Young, the former Pittsburgh Panthers basketball star who isn’t DeJuan Blair, is getting ready for the June 25 NBA Draft. In preparation for his possible picking, Sam has been trying out with different teams.

Sam Young Pitt

One of those teams was the Toronto Raptors. While working out with the Canadian club last weekend (man, I could sure go for some Canadian Club right now), Young was trying to see how high he could get. No, he wasn’t hanging with Corie Blount - Sam was testing his vertical leap.

You would think jumping up wouldn’t be so dangerous, but it turned out to be a painful experience for Young - not for his feet, but his arm, thanks to a wayward screw.

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Anna Rawson Going Go Daddy; Japan Wins WBC

• Gorgeous Aussie golfer Anna Rawson is your newest Go Daddy Girl.

Anna Rawson

• Japan wins its second World Baseball Classic. Konnichiwa, bitches!

• If it’s not coaches molesting their younger players, it’s the coaches’ wives doing the dirty deed.

• Buy some vodka, get a free ticket to a Phoenix Coyotes game.

• Can the Raptors’ Chris Bosh beat the rap of being a deadbeat dad?

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Raptors’ Bosh Accused Of Being A Deadbeat Dad

From what I can remember, Chris Bosh’s career in the NBA has been a mostly positive one. Since joining the league in 2003 after being taken fourth overall by the Toronto Raptors in the NBA Draft, he’s been able to play well on the court while staying out of trouble off of it. Usually the only time we see him mentioned in non-basketball stories is when he’s recording YouTube videos to campaign for the All-Star game. Well, now Bosh probably regrets that video.

It was at that All Star Game in New Orleans in which Bosh may have gotten himself into a bit of trouble. According to documents filed in court on Monday, Bosh got Allison Mathis pregnant after buying her fertility drugs, then when she was seven months pregnant, Bosh allegedly dropped her like a bad habit. Now she’s suing him for what he owes.

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