Football Schools Rule List Of Top Party Schools

It’s hard to believe that August is almost upon us; time flies when you’re having fun. The best part about this time of year is that college football season is ready to return. It’s only a few short weeks until two-a-day practices begin in earnest, and fans nationwide are already poring over the rankings and obsessing about their favorite teams.

Penn State Cheerleaders

But this time of year isn’t just for football rankings; it’s also the time that the PRINCETON REVIEW releases their annual list of the nation’s top party schools. Back in the days before Wikipedia and the internet, every school’s students were convinced they had made “The List” of top party schools. But the thing is - a good party school is defined by more than just booze. Anyone can (and at an American university, does) booze, but to be a true top party school according to this year’s rankings, you’d better have a top football team as well.

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