Mandarich: I Never Had A Sober Day In Green Bay

Bring up the great home-run race of 1998 between Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa and the overwhelming reaction these days (other than anger) is “how did we fall for it?” and “why did we ignore the signs of steroid use?” But that was far from the first time that the media bought into the hype of an athlete who was too good to be true.

Tony Mandarich

Nine years earlier, Tony Mandarich appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated (pictured above), billed as the best offensive line prospect in the history of the NFL. He was an unbelievable athletic specimen — but one that was completely fabricated as a result of a mind-boggling regimen of steroids. When he stopped the steroids, he fizzled as a player (the Packers chose him over Barry Sanders) and then turned to painkillers…and then to alcohol.

Mandarich claims that he “never had a sober day” during his four years in Green Bay. But, unlike fellow draft bust Todd Marinovich, Mandarich has turned his life around and wants to use his own experience to educate young players on the dangers of drugs.

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Passing The NCAA Urine Test, The MacGyver Way

Of all the gigs in college sports, there’s probably few as unpleasant as “urine test supervisor.” It’s exactly what it sounds like. You watch - intently, even - grown men take leaks into cups. You can’t really make it fun for anyone involved; one misplaced remark to lighten the mood and you’re looking at some stained trousers. Or worse.

Mandarich sad
(Of course, cheating on this sort of stuff doesn’t end well.)

And yet, it’s a wholly necessary task all the same, as football players have been trying to figure out ways to beat the system for decades. Of course, this discussion necessarily begins with Onterrio Smith and the Whizzinator. In fact, I almost wrote “hey remember the whizzinator that was awesome” and made that the entire post. But as admitted (and obvious) steroid user Tony Mandarich (you know, the world-famous photographer) points out, there are ways to rig your own little urine system with common items from Wal-Mart, and they’re weird as hell: Read more…

Ricky Williams Doesn’t Do Buds During Bye Week

Ricky Williams really wanted to get high during the Dolphins’ bye - but the RB had the strength to spike such smoky thoughts.

Ricky Williams Just Say No

• The Steelers & Ravens really played some smashmouth football Monday night - along with smashed legs, smashed shoulders, smashed knees, etc.

• Oakland Raiders assistant Randy Hanson says Lane Kiffin was trying to sabotage his career. Well, Randy won’t have to worry about that anymore.

• A school that hasn’t even played its first basketball game has fired their coach - for excessive swearing, dammit.

Josh Howard says he’s sorry he talked smack about the Star Spangled Banner.

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Finally: Tony Mandarich Admits Steroid, Drug Use

There were high expectations with Tony Mandarich, when the Green Bay Packers selected the monstrous Michigan State lineman with the #2 pick in the 1989 NFL Draft. But as we all know, the “Incredible Bulk” soon became the incredible dud, and he was soon cut after three seasons. Even a brief revival with the Colts didn’t work, and Mandarich was out of football by 1998.

Tony Mandarich rookie card

(Mandarich also faked NCAA urine test before ‘88 Rose Bowl)

But Tony finally comes clean as to why his pro football experience failed so fantastically - steroids, alcohol & painkillers.

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Mandarich Knows A Good Bust When He Sees One

What better way to celebrate Canada Day than by showing a cool CFL video.

• Ex-NFLer Tony Mandarich goes from one bust to many, many more.

Tony Mandarich photo model

• Can’t a guy like Yi Jianlian enjoy a night out with his girlfriend without a whole communist nation getting on his case?

• A little thing like armed robbery isn’t gonna stop these golfers from finishing their appointed round.

• Korean & Russian models cue it up to become the best babes in billiards.

• Is Mark McGwire pumped to be working his way back into baseball?

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Tony Mandarich’s Life Still Revolves Around Busts

On Canada Day, we feel it only right to celebrate a Canadian athlete made good, though perhaps not in a way that anyone expected 20 years ago. Tony Mandarich, whose legal name in the United States is not “NFL Bust Tony Mandarich” despite attempts by the City of Green Bay to force such a change, has turned a non-descript six-year career into a dream job.

Tony Mandarich's models

He now commutes between his native Ontario, Canada, and the Phoenix area and caters to the Mandarich Media Group. As ON 205TH points out (NSFW-ish?) a core business of the Mandarich Media Group is taking pictures of scantily-clad models (ditto-ish). Why couldn’t we convince Sports Illustrated to call us “The Incredible Bulk”?

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Blog-A-Roni: WWE Diva Wrestling w/Escort Claims

• WITH LEATHER slams down rumors of Ashley Massaro, a WWE Diva that TMZ claims has been grappling with opponents outside the ring while working for an escort service.

Ashley Massaro

• Speaking of the squared circle, THE SPORTS HERNIA catches Dancing fool Jason Taylor showing off more wrestling moves.

WALKOFF WALK has pics and BUGS &CRANKS have video of Jennifer Anniston & Owen Wilson dogging it during a Marlins game.

• Remember that kid who had been wearing a Brett Favre jersey for the past 4 years? Well, YOU BEEN BLINDED follows up that the boy has finally shed the shirt.

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