Dorsett: Newton Inquiry Is ‘Modern Day Lynching’

During my appearance on the nationally-syndicated Paul Finebaum Show today, Paul noted comments made by former college and pro football star Tony Dorsett about the recent allegations involving the father of Auburn quarterback Cam Newton.

Tony Dorsett

Last week Friday Dorsett told Eric Barrow of the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS:

“I think it’s a witch hunt. It’s a modern-day lynching of an athlete. I mean come on. If there was something going on they would have had to know about it way in advance. Why all of a sudden the school gets some success and he’s successful, he’s one of the front-runners for the Heisman Trophy, then all of a sudden all this comes to the forefront?”

No surprise that ‘76 Heisman Trophy winner Dorsett also said he’s still dead-set on voting for Newton for the award despite recent claims by former Mississippi State football player Kenny Rogers that Cam’s father Cecil Newton talked of soliciting money in exchange for his son signing a letter of intent to play football at MSU.

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Hasselhoff To Honor America Before Vegas Bowl

• Why tune in to the Las Vegas Bowl this Saturday? I got six words for ya: David Hasselhoff sings the national anthem.

Gary Coleman David Hasselhoff KITT

Any chance to elect Gary Coleman as Grand Marshal of the Las Vegas Bowl parade?

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Tony Dorsett’s nephew can score you some coke stronger than anything Mean Joe Greene tosses.

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Tony Dorsett’s Nephew Can Sell You Some Coke

I remember while watching the Heisman Trophy presentation last Saturday they were going through the crowd and showing some of the past winners in attendance. They were going from great to great when they suddenly got to former Dallas Cowboy Tony Dorsett, and he looked incredibly unhappy while they showed him. I even turned to my friend and said “Man, does Tony Dorsett look excited to be there, or what?”

Instead Tony looked like he had a lot on his mind and couldn’t care less which one of the three quarterbacks in attendance was going to win the award. Well, now a few days later I think I know what Tony was thinking about while sitting there. That’s because while Tony was sitting around waiting for somebody to read Sam Bradford’s name off of an envelope, his nephew Anthony Dorsett was getting busted in West Virginia for helping run a Pennsylvania cocaine ring.

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