FSR: J.T. The Brick Thrown Overboard For Bruno

Fox Sports Radio made a somewhat significant move today, clearing the evening 7p-11p PT shift for Tony Bruno while moving longtime evening host J.T. The Brick (John Tournour) to overnights. (Five hour shift- yikes!) Eight months ago FSR effectively merged with KLAC-AM in Los Angeles, with Tournour one of the holdovers from Fox.


(Oh, wait, not THAT Bruno)

But station manager Don Martin has since decided that listeners on 200 affiliates, including Boston’s WEEI-AM, would rather listen to Bruno than Tournour.  The move as it pertains to Tournour is definitely a demotion.

In all reality though, the whole thing resembles a deck chair rearrangment. Bruno, who previously manned mornings for FSR, never broke through as a success in that time slot. Likewise Tournour at night.

The bigger, more interesting question for Fox Sports Radio is the chance of its long-term survival. Read more…

Lakers Station Blows Out LA Guy For Syndication

Indulge me on some local yocal radio news here in L.A.: Tom Hoffarth of the L.A. DAILY NEWS reports this week that longtime Los Angeles sports radio host Joe McDonnell will be replaced on the KLAC-AM evening shift by Tony Bruno’s new syndicated show. KLAC is the Lakers’ radio flagship and a stalwart in the local sports radio market.

Tony Bruno Joe McDonnell

The move, no matter what you hear, is pure economics. Bruno’s show will cost the station nothing to air while McDonnell was paid by the station. I doubt Bruno’s show will be one wit better than the production put on by McDonnell & Co, but hopefully I’ll be wrong. Bruno’s offering will be networked by Dan Patrick’s syndicator, the Chicago-based Content Factory. That probably was also a factor in McDonnell’s untimely demise.

As I said when Bruno’s show was first announced, I think he’ll be much better suited to an evening shift emanating from L.A. We’ll see. The one thing that Bruno will not be able to replace is the local angle provided on McDonnell’s show. Like having McDonnell’s close personal friend, Mike Scioscia, on the show all the time. And with the re-emergence of the Dodgers (finally), it’s a shame that McDonnell, who has more Dodger insider contacts than anyone in the city, won’t be around for the team’s playoff run and future with Manny Ramirez.

For the first time since i moved to L.A. in 2000, I’m actually revved about the club and plan to hit a postseason game, thanks to some phenomenal deals on baseball tickets from My Boy Barry.

So, who are the folks most happy about the Bruno announcment? Read more…

Chris Cooley Sorry For Showing Special Little Guy

Chris Cooley is sorry for accidentally posting pics of his penis online - but not as sorry as we are for seeing it.

Chris Cooley short shorts

(OK, last shot we’ll show of Chris Cooley in short shorts - we promise)

• Turns out DeSean Jackson’s penchant for celebrating TDs prematurely is nothing new.

• Meanwhile, Tony Kornheiser celebrates NFL Hispanic Heritage Month in his own special linguistic way.

Lane Kiffin is still the Raiders’ coach (as of this writing). But if Al Davis does ditch him, Lane could secure employment in Syracuse.

• Maybe Charger fans can take some small consolation knowing that ref Ed Hochuli has been downgraded by the NFL.

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Brog: Patrick’s Syndicator Hires Bruno For Show

The Content Factory, the radio networking outfit created to syndicate Dan Patrick’s radio show, has taken Tony Bruno off the unemployment line, and handed him an evening show called, “Into The Night.”

Tony Bruno Hooters

From press release today: “The Content Factory announced today they will produce and distribute Into the Night with Tony Bruno debuting on September 29th. Into the night with Tony Bruno will air live from the west coast from 7 to 10pm and 10pm to 1am in the east.Read more…

Tony Bruno’s Alimony Keeping Him Off The Air?

I have a hard time feeling sorry for famous people. It usually makes me break out in a rash and induces vomiting. But anybody that’s going to lose 75 out of every dollar he earns deserves a bit of sympathy.

Tony Bruno Divorce

Such is the plight of noted sports jock Tony Bruno, who has chirped on the airwaves of ESPN and FOX SPORTS, who implied in a recent interview that part of his decision to remain unemployed was based on a $12,000 monthly alimony payment he’d be making to his ex-wife. Read more…