Tony Allen Receiving Death Threats. Yes, Plural

They may be leading their series with Chicago, but the Boston Celtics are having a bitch of a first round in the NBA Playoffs. First, Kevin Garnett’s knee put him out of commission for the entire playoffs, then Leon Powe blew out his own knee, then Rajon Rondo’s ankle began to betray him - he was carried off the court after the Celtics crushed the Bulls on Thursday. But at least those guys are, y’know, alive.

Tony Allen
(Don’t laugh; the towel is bulletproof.)

That’s not so assured for Tony Allen, though. Even though the team is in his hometown of Chicago, he’s probably thinking they can’t get out of there fast enough; according to the BOSTON HERALD, Allen has been receiving death threats since his return home. Unfortunately, it looks like the threats are fueled by the most dangerous of human emotions: revenge. Read more…